What do you make of this ?

  Indigo 1 23:49 05 Jun 2005

click here

I was just looking into ways to customise XP and came across it, I think it might be very useful for some people but I don't really have a use as yet but there is a new version out soon which which might be more ineresting.

I was looking into the possibility of having a different interface instead of the usual Windows desktop but the Sphere is not quite what what I want. I was hoping to be able to have a 3D image or scene, maybe something like this [URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL] which would be the screensaver and desktop (in one). Each of the spheres would activate when the mouse is hovered on it and open up some sort of menu. In screensaver mode maybe you could have the spheres rotating and stop when the mouse is moved, this should be easily possible with todays technology. I realise that it is not exactly a windows method but does anyone know of a program that could do this or a way of creating something along these lines ? Or someone who might be interested in helping me develop something like it ?

  Forum Editor 00:40 06 Jun 2005

a desktop where I could have multiple windows stacked in a 3-D fashion, so I could see the contents of all of them, and click on one to bring it up full-screen, I would be in heaven.

Lots of different people are working on versions like this, but so far I don't think I've seen one that works perfectly.

Your idea of spheres doesn't appeal to me personally, but it's a big world out there.

  Indigo 1 01:53 06 Jun 2005

Cheers FE.

The spheres image was just to illustrate a point, it could just as easily be a litter of puppies if you prefer.

Don't know where the menu's would appear from though.

  De Marcus 05:30 06 Jun 2005

may be of interest click here

  De Marcus 05:44 06 Jun 2005

And although I've tried this one before click here it seems to most resemble what your looking for.

  Indigo 1 08:49 06 Jun 2005

Thanks De Marcus, both are very interesting and I will try them both out to make a fair assessment but neither of them are really what I was looking for.

All the systems I have tried so far require moving round and navigating within a 3D environment which is fine if you use multiple desktops as it gives you a way of keeping track of items on various desks but can get a little messy when you have a lot of stuff on each desk. What I am looking for is a single static 3D environment which responds to the mouse maybe starting off with a single 3D 'icon' like a ball hovering mid-distance which comes forward if you rest the mouse cursor on it and will expand with smaller objects opening out, each one of which is another icon that has more menu's inside etc. I have a clear picture of it in my head and a good idea of how the layout could look but have no idea how to go about creating it, which of course means that it is going to be impossible to find exactly what I want off-the-shelf.

  Indigo 1 08:55 06 Jun 2005

also the graphics quality is fairly poor on all the ones I have tried, I was hoping that the quality would be better. I would like it to be exceptionally good quality graphics for the main screen and menu icons giving a pleasant experience to the user.

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