What To Do With Unused Ink

  BigRik 15:43 02 Feb 2010

Hi all.

A few days ago, my Epson CX6400 gave up the ghost. Having spoke to Epson, due to the age of the printer (I've had it for around 6 years) it would not be cost effective to have it repaired.

Of course, the bloomin' thing packs in while I've still got a fair few cartridges left! 14 altogether, all compatibles, all with still a couple of years shelf life on them.

I'm looking for the best way to move them on to a new home for £15 the lot.

Can anyone offer a suggestion?

  wee eddie 15:49 02 Feb 2010

should do the trick

  BT 16:48 02 Feb 2010

Depends where you bought them from. I has a similar problem with some bought from Choicestationery and they were good enough to do a part exchange swap with some for my new printer. Obviously only unopened and with plenty of shelflife left but worth a try.

  BigRik 19:44 02 Feb 2010

Thanks guys.

I don't use Ebay myself, but I've been reminded my Father-In-Law has an account so I might ask him to see what he can do for me. I've also asked a friend from work to put the feelers out for me, as he knows quite a few people with Epsons apparently.

Ten of the cartridges are from Choice Stationery, so I could try your suggestion as well BT. I assume I just email them with the query.

  morddwyd 20:07 02 Feb 2010

When it happened to me I'm afraid I cheated.

I took them back to the store and said I'd picked up the wrong ones by mistake and could I swap them.

I know. I'm one of those always moaning about the deterioration of standards in modern life!

I'm really as venal as the next guy, perhaps more so.

  jellyhead 21:28 02 Feb 2010

If you are not to fussy about getting a couple of quid and feel like recycling try here click here

  BT 08:48 03 Feb 2010

I think I gave them a ring and pleaded to their good nature.

  natdoor 09:31 03 Feb 2010

You could try your local Gumtree. /click here

  BigRik 13:22 03 Feb 2010

I've not heard of Gumtree, but I've just posted an ad for the inks on there. Thanks natdoor.

I'll see if I can get something for them first and then use freegle and/or freecycle if I can't shift them.

Of course, if anyone on the forum can make use of them, please use my yellow envelope to contact me and I'll sort the details out with you.

Thanks again to everyone for your ideas.

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