what do think about ukraine

  sunnystaines 11:17 30 Aug 2014

I think the whole saga is a dangerous mess. The Ukraine is almost bankrupt seems to be run by right wing thugs who think they have no need to fear Russia as NATO will come to the rescue. The other side seems just as bad with Russian forces stiring it up and supplying arms/manpower.

the civilans and getting killed by the dozen.

now there is talk of GB heading a ten thousand EU troop battalion to counter the Russians.

If we are not careful it could end in nato v russia fighting it out in ukraine and speading to the rest of eastern europe.

its a mess and we should stay well clear.

  rickf 11:33 30 Aug 2014

I agree it is a dangerous situation and we may well sleep walk into this mess. The west eems to forget the double standards we employ often. It helped to bring down an elected goverment not to the West's liking. When the shoe is on the other foot we cry foul as usual.

  john bunyan 11:51 30 Aug 2014

The whole of our Defence strategy has shifted away from contemplating a "Tank War" in mainland Europe; We had about 300 tanks a year or two ago, but there is a run down, and BAOR is on the way home. Even if we wanted to, we have no capacity to start a conflict with Russia. Sad but you can't cut and cut defence costs and still do the tasks we once did. For NATO to contemplate Ukraine joining NATO at the moment, unless Germany etc are prepared to go to war if needed would be like a red rag to Putin's bull. Shades of Munich, I am afraid.

  sunnystaines 11:52 30 Aug 2014

Rumpelteazer I think so too. Crimea was just part 1.

  kad292 11:56 30 Aug 2014

Anybody who thought that Putin's Russia would take this issue lying down was absolutely mistaken,the Crimea is the home of the Black Sea Fleet and there was no way Russia would give up access to the sea by allowing complete Ukrainian control of the area,not forgetting the gas and oil reserves claimed for that area.

I believe this issue was fomented by an expansionist EU who suddenly found themselves out of their depth when Russia reacted.

  spuds 12:56 30 Aug 2014

Whatever the outcome, you can bet your bottom dollar that Putin and his team have studied all the angles, and may well already have the scripts written out?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 30 Aug 2014

Pity we can't solve two problems at once - Set the ISIS on Russia

  rickf 14:39 30 Aug 2014

More likely that Russia will go for Isis as it backs the Assad regime.

  spuds 15:29 30 Aug 2014

Russia lost quite a lot in Afghanistan, so I would guest that taken on the ISIS would be a mistake?.

  Flak999 15:36 30 Aug 2014

This situation by far outweighs the by comparison minuscule problems of Iraq and Syria. Putin has done his calculations and they are that the West will not come to Ukraine's aid.

There will be much huffing and puffing and rattling of sabres, but as Obama and Cameron have previously said "we are not going to start WW3 over Ukraine" There will be increased sanctions, Russia will be frozen out of western capital markets, a new cold war beckons.

NATO countries will have to increase their defence spending and make concerted efforts to reinforce member states bordering Russia. The Russian economy is weak and proper sanctions will weaken it further, Russian public opinion is starting to change as they begin to see their sons returning home in body bags.

Our best hopes are that either Putin takes the pragmatic approach and settles for gains he has already made and puts his army back in it's box, or that somebody close to him sees the disastrous road he is taking Russia down and assassinates him!

The oligarchs that bank role Putin have been content to let him play his fascist games whilst it does not impinge on their profits or lifestyles, but potential war with the west is not in their game plan. I think once they open their eyes and see where vadimir vladimirovich is taking them they will be casting around for a less bellicose leader of their mafia state.

  flycatcher1 16:21 30 Aug 2014

I have a close contact who has interests in Russia and keeps his ear to the ground.

There is a Russian Election on September 14. Putin strong arms till then and afterwards a possible compromise.

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