What Do They Hope To Gain By Getting Married?

  Bing.alau 18:59 05 Feb 2013

Is there any monetary gain when homosexuals obtain the right to get married? Or is there some other gains that I know nothing about? In other words why do they want it so badly? Surely they should be content with things as they are now?

  Aitchbee 19:11 05 Feb 2013

What I would like to know is - Whom is the Husband and whom is the Wife?

  fourm member 19:23 05 Feb 2013

'Surely they should be content with things as they are now?'

What you mean they should be content with being treated like second class citizens? Content to have the government tell them that their love for another human being is inferior?

Content to be treated the way blacks used to be treated? Or content to be treated the way women used to be treated?

Don't bother trying to amswer those questions. But do, please, answer this one. What difference does it make to you if same sex couples are able to marry?

  Al94 19:48 05 Feb 2013

I think what he meant was to be content with civil partnerships as opposed to re writing the rules on marriage.

  Aitchbee 19:50 05 Feb 2013

fm - you are putting words into other people's mouths once again.

Please stop.

  Al94 19:52 05 Feb 2013

Careful guys, the "homophobe police" will be here any time now!

  csqwared 19:52 05 Feb 2013


From another post;- surely it should be:-

Who is the husband and who is the wife? since, in this case 'Who' is the object of the sentence rather than the object of 'husband' or 'wife' in which case it would be 'whom. ;-))

Getting my coat. :-0

  Bing.alau 19:53 05 Feb 2013

It makes no difference to me whether they are married or single. If they want to live together, so be it. That's their decision. What I want to know is what is the difference? I am living "over the brush" as my parents would have called it and nobody thinks it is wrong. My children and my partner's children soon got used to the idea....I was married for many years and don't feel the least bit guilty about living over the brush. I can't see that many people would see any difference in a homosexual couple being married or living in a partnership as many of us heterosexuals do. I have a couple of friends who are homosexuals but they intend to remain single as far as I can tell. But I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to take a partner. But I can't see the need for them to have to get married just to be like heterosexuals.

  Aitchbee 19:54 05 Feb 2013

csquared ... just testing!

  natdoor 19:55 05 Feb 2013

I am all in favour of gay marriage. Why would anyone want it to be a sad or sombre occasion? However, I am totally opposed to the concept of same-sex "marriage". I am opposed to the changing of the meaning of words in the english language and believe that there should be a central authority to control the usage of words and the introduction of new ones, as occurs in Germany, for example. I do not oppose some form of ceremony for same-sex couples but don't call it marriage.

  fourm member 20:14 05 Feb 2013

'I am living "over the brush" as my parents would have called it and nobody thinks it is wrong'

Are you sure? There are still people whose attitudes are so out of date that they regard two unmarried people living together as wrong.

Not nearly as many as there used to be. Attitudes change.

As you say, you have the freedom to choose whether to marry or not. Why should that choice be denied to one part of the population?

Many gay couples will stay as they are because that is what they want to do. But for those who want to make a public declaration of their love marriage is the only equal choice.

The government could have fudged the issue by allowing heterosexual civil partnerships so that people who feel that marriage carries the stigma of being associated with religion would have a way of being legally joined but did the right thing by saying marriage must be for all in an equal society.

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