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What a difference 35 years has made!

  Al94 16:51 19 Aug 2019

How to send an email 1984

  wee eddie 18:08 19 Aug 2019

Takes you dun'it

  Belatucadrus 18:28 19 Aug 2019

I wonder if his password is still "q w e r" or has he updated it ?

  Quickbeam 20:22 19 Aug 2019

They must be the original computer geeks...

  iscanut 11:24 20 Aug 2019

Before 1984 I had to insert the telephone handset into a rubber acoustic coupling device to log on, this would have been around 1980 or so. Anyone remember that ?

  wee eddie 11:37 20 Aug 2019

Before I went online but I can remember seeing others doing it.

  Belatucadrus 11:49 20 Aug 2019

Anyone remember that ?

My initial "computer" used for my computing A-level was a teletype unit with a punchtape printer connected via handset modem to a remote computer. God knows how many parents had been proudly shown "the computer room" all parties sublimely unaware that it contained exactly no computing power at all.

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