What the Dickensians is this?

  Quickbeam 08:53 28 Dec 2015

Is what I first thought of this.

But after two episodes, I find that I'm hooked to know what became of Jacob Marley!

It's actually very well written and entertaining, I wonder what Dickens himself would have made of it?

  Forum Editor 09:11 28 Dec 2015

I found it hard to take. I read almost the whole of Charles Dickens' output at university, and I became a firm fan.

I think this might make him cringe. It certainly had that effect on me.

  Quickbeam 09:23 28 Dec 2015

I thought that he'd be quite likely to embrace to chance to earn the extra coin by stretching it into the medium of TV if he'd had the choice at the time.

  Quickbeam 09:30 28 Dec 2015

I just realised that the most noticeable thing about it to me is in the script being written in 21st century English. It's the same difference as is in The Lord of the Rings Vs The Game of Thrones. Or even Shakespeare Vs Alan Bennett...

It's the modern writing makes it much more attractive to today's audience.

  x123 10:40 28 Dec 2015

The whole family are hooked on this but it is just me who finds " and then they were none" also entertaining.

  Forum Editor 11:52 28 Dec 2015


Agatha Christie certainly knew how to write a whodunnit, and that one comes a close second to 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' in a list of her best ever stories in my opinion.

  QuizMan 11:55 28 Dec 2015

I am rather enjoying it. Not to be taken as serious Dickens; just an interesting story line that is well written. Having lots of half hour episodes in quick succession is a different way of presenting it. Makes a pleasant change from a one hour episode each week for x weeks. I tend to lose track of the storyline and characters in those.

  john bunyan 16:39 28 Dec 2015

Forum Editor

I rarely get the culprit right in Agatha Christie's mysteries on the first reading or showing . I notice that the current one, "And then there was one" , ending tonight, has introduced a note of political correctness , as the original rhyme I remember is now unacceptable.

I find the Dickens thing confusing as it mixes so many stories.

  Quickbeam 06:18 29 Dec 2015

I'm just watching 'And Then There Was None' on catchup. Which is also very gripping, and also written for 21st century sensibilities and realism as in the semi naked sexual corridor scene. But I can't see the need for the few effing lines that have been thrown in for good measure. Pre-war socialites wouldn't lower themselves to use such base language! It's just not on Mr 21st century scriptwritter...

  Forum Editor 08:56 29 Dec 2015

Agatha must be turning in her grave. Last night's final episode was absolutely dreadful - a tacky end to a very disappointing production.

  spuds 12:15 29 Dec 2015

I cannot understand why it seems to be slotted into other programs, instead of a longer than half hour period versions. I suspect that Dickensians will lose a number of long term followers through this!.

Going on how some of these programs are now being produced, then you need look no further than the recent and previous 'FARGO' episodes. A story line that takes some following, but once you have got use to it, it appears to make riveting viewing, for those that enjoys that type of screen play!.

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