What criteria is there for me to not to have to buy a BBC TV Licence please?

  uggly 17:30 23 Aug 2013

I watch less tv for no other reason that I find it increasingly boring. I watch just two programmes a day namely some of BBC News in the morning and Deal Or No Deal in the afternoon and that's it. I can do without watching BBC News 'live' and 'Deal...' can be seen on iPlayer.

I would ideally like to stop paying the tv licence and watch a programme or two on iPlayer irrespective of the broadcaster. Appreciating there are strict criteria for not having a tv licence, and that I can watch what I want on various iPlayers including the BBC, what criteria is there for me to not buy a BBC TV licence and how do I go about it please?

If any of you reading this can offer me some tips and advice, I would warmly welcome such comments please. I am not into illegal activities of watching tv without paying for a licence. Thank you very much.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 23 Aug 2013
  Chronos the 2nd 18:06 23 Aug 2013

Info here.

But if you Google 'watch TV without licence' you will find plenty of info on how to watch television without a licence legally.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 20:18 23 Aug 2013

Bit of a gray area I think. It looks as if you haven't got any TV receiver equipment, included DVD players, TV, Computer with TV card, games console and digital boxes or anything that can pick up 'live' broadcasts, then you should be OK.

  uggly 20:43 23 Aug 2013

I appreciate your kindness in directing me to accurate information from the web and thank you for them. I did try and find this kind of thing out from the BBC website but didn't find such clear links as provided by Fruit Bat and Chronos. I have been reading them quite intently as well as I need to make an informed decision. Thankfully, I only have Freeview and a Freesat box running off our communal satellite dish and no other specialist services.

I will be making a choice soon based on your advice and direction. Thank you all very much for helping me to arrive at a conclusion.

  woodchip 21:10 23 Aug 2013

You need to be over 75 or Blind so you do not need to buy a TV license

  N47. 21:58 23 Aug 2013

I rang the TV licencing on 0300 555 0300 a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking of abandoning the licence when it next runs out.

If all the programs I watch are on catch up, I don't need a licence.

  wee eddie 03:54 24 Aug 2013

If you have any piece of equipment that is plugged into an aerial that is capable of receiving live Broadcasts, then you need a License, Freeview, Freesat, BBC, Sky, doesn't matter, you need a License.

  wiz-king 09:02 24 Aug 2013

You will still need one by the look of it - as you have an aerial and Freeview and Freesat you can get live TV.

  Forum Editor 09:14 24 Aug 2013

If you only watch catch-up services online, then you don’t need a licence.

If you watch them via a TV set that is connected to an aerial, then you obviously do need a licence, as wee eddie points out.

  BT 09:23 24 Aug 2013

As wiz-king says its not if you watch live TV but whether you have the capability, that determines the liability. The license is to OPERATE the equipment.

What I can't get my head round is that there are people who make a big fuss about paying a relatively small amount for a TV license to enable them to view all the Free to Air TV but will quite happily pay hundreds of pounds a year for Sky or Cable, and even more for sports and movie channels. The TV license costs less per week than a Pint of beer or half a pack of cigarettes.

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