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What Could Possibly Be In....

  Menzie 13:17 04 Sep 2019

This chicken sandwich? Seems quite extreme for a bit of a takeaway!

  Menzie 13:34 04 Sep 2019

It gets even more strange. Of all the things to sue for.

  BT 08:35 05 Sep 2019

Of all the things to sue for.

Americans will sue for just about anything. Just watch Judge Judy

  Belatucadrus 11:58 05 Sep 2019

Barr, an East Ridge resident, said he suffered rim and tire damage totaling $1,500 while driving from location to location and was humiliated when his friends laughed at him.

So it's Popeyes fault that he's a crap driver ? Ain't US of Ayy style litigation wonderful, no wonder us Brits have taken to it so enthusiastically.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:14 05 Sep 2019

I don't think Popeyes will be too worried about the cost of this action, based on this quote from the article: "Apex Marketing Group estimated the online buzz was worth $65 million in marketing for Popeyes."

  Menzie 14:23 05 Sep 2019

I tried Popeye's once after hearing how it was the greatest chicken ever. I was quite disappointed, thinking it might be an off day I tried another location on a different day which was the same.

I prefer making my own fried chicken.

BT - Oh yes they certainly do sue for everything. Judge Judy isn't even the only court show any more. They have several, including one for divorces and one with a group of judges listening to each case.

*Belatucadrus - * To be honest I would laugh at him too if he told me about the events of him driving around for a sandwich.

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