What is the connection? CPU - solid fuel boiler.

  Diemmess 18:25 25 Aug 2008

You guessed... the fan!
I know it is supposedly summer, but out in the sticks the choice for water heating cannot include North Sea gas.
So I still use an old Trianco Redfyre gravity fed anthracite boiler.

In summer it does need TLC to keep running at very low demand (hot water) and I was beginning to worry when the wretched thing seemed unable to be trusted overnight not to die out.

Today I was suddenly inspired to look at the fan. It was a wonder it worked at all with a huge load of fine dust caked to it destroying any pretence at smooth aerodynamics.
A few moments with a paintbrush and a vac and it seems like a new boiler.

A poor effort when I think of the number of times I've swept much less yuk from any of the fans within my PC.

  peter99co 22:28 25 Aug 2008

I think you have just solved the problem I have with my Vac Cleaner!

  rdave13 22:42 25 Aug 2008

These electrical powered fans have a lot to answer for.
Fancy attracting dust and gunge.. good thinking Diemmess.

  Wilham 00:31 26 Aug 2008


I too have a solid fuel boiler, an Aristocrat Mk3 (or Mk4, not sure). I had it new in 1964 and I like it, but the downside has been a drop in fuel quality, caused in part by the best anthracite being earmarked for gravity feed.

I have improved my boiler's efficiency by fitting a two section stainless steel chimney inside the outer brick casing. I poured vermiculite insulation down the four corners between brick and the steel.

The boiler now copes better with poorer coal.


  Diemmess 08:58 26 Aug 2008

This happened a couple of decades ago to a son whose baby's clothes were aired around their boiler.
Their fan barely worked at all, being filled with very fine fluffy lint. It was spending most of its time trying to generate enough puff to reach the thermostat setting.

Yes. A long time ago I had a fan fail through dirt loading and long use in an old cylinder Electrolux.
In those days it was possible to have a man call and service it, or to buy a replacement fan.
It was a sheet aluminium fan, quite a complex design, but failed near some tabs.

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