What a company to work for

  Kevscar1 11:46 31 Jan 2010

Work as a self-employed agent on a one year contract and as some of you know I have been off for a long time. Before I finished on 9th April had a call from the MD of the parent company. He told me not to worry however long it took they would wait for me. Expected to be off for 3 months. When I found out in Nov that my hand had been broken during the June Op I phoned my H.O. and soke to one of the Directors telling him it would now be April at the earliest. Asked about the job and he said would have to speak to the other directors.
23rd went to the Company conference 2 days after appointment with surgeon was cancelled so had to tell them that it would be June at the earlest but might not be until August.
When the MD got on the stage to start things off I was the first person mentioned and wished recovery soon, had tostand and got a round of applause, one of the other directors brought me a bottle of champagne and said they did call me upto the stage as they knew it would embarress me.
At the dinner dance in the evening I was sat next to the owners wife, she was so sympathetic and encouraging, told me they knew all about me before they bought the company and I was not to worry they knew I would do the business when I returned.
To top it all off I recieved a get well card from her yesterday.
This is undoubtedly the best group of people I have ever worked for. Pity all Companies are not as good.

  Strawballs 11:51 31 Jan 2010

Any vacancies?????

  johndrew 12:40 31 Jan 2010

Being a bit of a cynic, I don`t suppose the support provided was in recognition of the profit you helped make or the fact you could do damage by going elsewhere??

Notwithstanding the above, it was good of them to provide support and recognition. Many employers either expect loyalty without earning it or dedication without recognition - and it`s not always money in either case.

  Kevscar1 16:13 31 Jan 2010

If you have a van, storage and are willing to work self-employed contact me

  jakimo 16:37 31 Jan 2010

Sure your not hallucinating on those painkillers you may be taking

  Kevscar1 17:43 31 Jan 2010

Don't take any, they don't work.

  Marko797 20:18 31 Jan 2010

Interesting comments, given that you have probably (almost certainly) not been paid for all the time off which you have had, yet you seem to hold some type of loyalist tendencies towards them.

Self employed usually equates to 'no work, no pay', so am surpised at the plaudits.

Not clear what your field is, what the demand for it is, or how big this company is, and not clear why they haven't just found another supplier.


  spuds 22:03 31 Jan 2010

Being a 'self-employed' person usually means that wages are paid on production, and if that is the case, then the company is not losing anything. Showing a little PR might help both parties!.

Even if you are paid a retainer, then like 'sick pay', it may reduce as absent time increases.

  Marko797 22:12 31 Jan 2010

'Work as a self-employed agent on a *one year contract* and as some of you know I have been off for a long time. Before I finished on 9th April had a call from the MD of the parent company'...

Kevscar has almost gone thru the 1 yr contract referred to.

Being a self-employed person means if u don't work (produce nothing) then u get paid nothing.

Tough world, but cannot reconcile all the platitudes, given the prevailing market conditions. Or do the company concerened read these posts?

  Kevscar1 23:32 31 Jan 2010

No as far as I know they don't even know about this forum but they could have replaced me with someelse as the contract ran out last June

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