What to clean this brickwork with?

  Graham. 12:31 21 Apr 2010

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It is condensation from the boiler outlet. So far, I have tried a jetwash and meths.

  Quickbeam 12:34 21 Apr 2010

Try a wire brush, it needs something very abrasive to scour the top surface.

  Pineman100 12:35 21 Apr 2010

Combustion products are usually acidic, so you might like to try something alkaline - washing soda, for example.

  Demora 13:07 21 Apr 2010

Soda Crystals cheap and a wire brush. Also wear very good waterproof gloves. I had a cheap pair on and the stuff burns. (Still got sore finger where gloves leaked)


  Ventad 13:15 21 Apr 2010

Is it a condensing boiler?

  Ventad 13:18 21 Apr 2010

If so the condensate should that collects in the flue should be draining back into the boiler to drain from the boiler into a drain.

  Graham. 13:27 21 Apr 2010

I'll try those.

ventad, no, conventional.

  jakimo 13:38 21 Apr 2010

Spirit of Salts and a stiff brush,a wire brush will permanently damage the service of a brick

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  Graham. 15:02 21 Apr 2010

Will this shift it, I wonder click here?

  Toneman 16:11 21 Apr 2010

I have used neat domestos to successfully clean a marble grave memorial, don't know if it's suitable for brick...just brush on, leave for a spell then wash off or leave the rain to do the job...

  Diemmess 16:54 21 Apr 2010

Stain of this sort is about as tenatiuos as it gets. Probably carbon and a few metallic traces.

Spirits of Salt would be a bad idea, as purchased it is a diluted commercial grade of Hydrochloric acid.
Will make no difference to carbon and will certainly attack mortar and even some bricks.

I think water and a wirebrush are safest though tedious. The black particles will have penetrated any porus suface and only by wearing down the surface of the brick will you make it look better.

It may be the boiler isn't quite up to scratch?
A son has has had one for years and doesn't have any stain on a rendered, painted, brick.

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