What car did you learn to drive in?

  Jim Thing 20:41 08 Aug 2008

In another thread, Cymro mentions that he learned to drive in an Austin Cambridge. What car did you learn to drive in?

For me it was an elderly Jowett Bradford van, a strange device propelled along at never more than a sedate pace by a two-cylinder boxer engine (my dodgy memory insists that it had a small brass plate on the crankcase that read "Firing Order: 1,2" but I may be imagining that). I sold it because the battery went phut and I couldn't afford to replace it — besides, the other lads at work used to laugh at it. It fetched fifteen quid, which was three quid more than I'd paid for it. Happy days!

  MAJ 20:54 08 Aug 2008

Bought it on a friday for a new job I was starting in Dublin on the following Monday, I couldn't drive, so, with provisional licence to hand and my brother sitting beside me telling me what to do and mother following in her car, I drove to the border at Newry (N.Ireland). Left brother with mother to go home and I learned to drive in the 60 miles between there and Dublin. Then I drove through Dublin afraid to move my hands from the steering wheel to turn on the wipers when it rained. Got to my rented house safely and practised driving all week after work. Drove home (about 80 miles) the following Friday and booked a lesson, took one lesson and passed my test on first attempt. Those were the days.............

  Al94 20:54 08 Aug 2008

Triumph Herald.

  Pamy 21:00 08 Aug 2008


  g0nvs 21:24 08 Aug 2008

NSU Prinz.

  Bingalau 21:38 08 Aug 2008

I think Brumas has a picture of the car I learned to drive in?

  interzone55 21:46 08 Aug 2008

My driving instructor had a Toyota Carina, which was quite a nice car to learn in. Very easy to drive, with a pretty smooth gearbox.

At the time my dad had a Lada Riva, which was very much the opposite, not really a car for learners. You could easily turn the steering wheel a quarter turn in either direction with no effect on the wheels, the accelerator was either on, or off, as where the brakes, an the clutch had a biting point that could only be measured by using a good microscope.

I only drove the car once when I was learning, and didn't touch it again, ever.

After I passed my test I bought myself a Mini.

A side thread should be introduced, how many attempts before you passed - be honest.

I passed on my fourth attempt. First fail was for failing to observe signals from other road users when doing the reverse round a corner thing. Second for speeding on a dual carriageway, I can't remember why I failed third time.

  Armchair 21:52 08 Aug 2008

Fiesta mark 2 1.1 Popular Plus (driving instructor), and my dad's '86 VW Jetta 1.6 CL.

  Jim Thing 21:54 08 Aug 2008

In 1948, when I learned to drive, I was still single, serving in the RN, and engaged to my future wife, who lived in Bangor, Co. Down. At that time, N. Ireland hadn't yet introduced the driving test and all that N.I. residents needed to do in order to get a full licence was send off a pair of passport-type photos plus a postal order for seven shillings and sixpence (37.5p in today's money).

The other advantage of this arrangement was that, when your N.I. licence expired, you could simply exchange it, at any licensing office across the water, for a full English one.

It's just as well that computerised databases didn't exist at that time, or some bright spark in the Co. Down licensing office may have started asking questions about how come so many members of HMS Implacable's ship's company apparently lived in the same small house in Bangor...

  Brumas 22:01 08 Aug 2008

click here

Was this it??

  Brumas 22:04 08 Aug 2008

By the way, I learnt in an old VW beetle whilst I was stationed in Dortmund in 1967. The rest of the camp will tell you, when asked to turn right, I did - right into the gate posts and that is another story!!

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