What can you not find on ebay

  bumpkin 22:06 25 Mar 2018

I ask that because I use it a lot but some of the things I see advertised amaze me. Just a few examples, Till reciepts from Tesco, half full tin of fence paint and used cooking oil.

  Belatucadrus 10:22 26 Mar 2018

A girl tried to sell her virginity at one point, ebay shut her down.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:51 26 Mar 2018

I often trawl the old woodworking tools and am always struck by the amount of knackered, rusty old tat for which people ask ridiculously high prices, on the basis that they are "vintage". Vintage being a greatly misused word in eBay listings.

  hastelloy 10:58 26 Mar 2018

Save your old toilet roll centres!

  Forum Editor 11:12 26 Mar 2018

It all goes to show that hope springs eternal - there's probably a customer for just about anything. All you have to do is hope that person sees your ad.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:12 26 Mar 2018

click here for old rope


  bumpkin 18:02 26 Mar 2018

Save your old toilet roll centres!

Slightly off point but children at my grand daughters school are asked to bring in egg boxes and kithen roll centres for projects but strictly not toilet roll centres.

  lotvic 15:23 27 Mar 2018

bumpkin, thank goodness for grand daughters school's common sense. I've always thought 'Urggghh' when seeing toilet roll centres being reused in craft projects. I shudder to think about the possible health consequences.

  wee eddie 17:13 27 Mar 2018

illogical paranoia.

  sallink 08:16 28 Mar 2018

Personally I think you can sell pretty much anything all kinds of stuff go around. My friend sold his grandfathers battered tools, turns out one of them had a signature of the German tool maker who made it by hand that was a loooot of money than he originally priced. Another ad was that someone sold old used lamps and I know a girl who just cant wait for an add like that she redesigns and remodels the lamps and wooden furniture. And the funniest one someone was selling chandelier and a guy I know had the same one at his moms house, she was always complaining about the missing glass. And a friend asked the seller to sell him a glass (one) he said his price and the next morning the chandelier had one glass less :-))))

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