What can we do to save this Forum?

  Cymro. 15:32 18 Jun 2019

There seems to be fewer and fewer people on this Forum. Even F.E. referred to this in one post. So I assume that as you are here reading this you must have some interest in what is posted. So what's to be done then? I suppose we could all just let the Forum die a death of a thousand cuts or try to do something to revive it. So what sugestions can you meke then?

  WhirlingRound 13:53 24 Jun 2019

FE, my email address means something completely different from what you have assumed. Please refrain from discussing such details on a public forum.

As for offensive remarks. The only one I can think of is my thread concerning the recent death of a former IRA member. What IS offensive is the fact he committed crimes for a political cause, which resulted in the needless deaths of innocent citizens.

You are right about the contributions on this thread in some ways. Some have mentioned you, but for good reason. I have not been, as you quote, "taking pot shots", at you. Instead, merely suggesting what could improve the forum. Another poster did explain, but you appear to be using me as a scapegoat.

The pedantry which you sometimes clearly exhibit is what puts some people off posting. Nobody is perfect, but it is rude for soembody with an element of authority to correct others in public, especially given the nature of the conversations.

You are clearly upset about how often I post to this forum. Don't be.

BlockquoteThe internet is God's gift to those who like hurling abuse at complete strangers...

Hurling abuse? That is a pretty strong accusation to make. I have not called you anything offensive or used profanities. I have not threatened you in any way, but have told the truth.

The person who started this thread asked for suggestions - I made one. I haven't seen yours yet.

It was about the way treat other posters on here, which is related. My advice to you was effectively 'ditto'ing your own advice to a fellow poster. On a more technical note, and that was more effective spam prevention. That I happen to have posted as a response on another thread whose o/p was treated as such. You would have seen it prior to deleting it.

You seem happy to sit back and fun taking potshots at me. I'm well used to that after 19 years in this job, but it's not exactly a positive contribution on your part, is it?

'You seem happy to sit back and fun ... '. Didn't you mean to say 'You seem happy to sit back and HAVE fun ...'?

In response to your comment, I suggest you take it as you want. Correction capitalised for your reference only. I take it you are now implying I must make contributions of a certain nature. That I will decide, thank you!

You would be right in thinking I was nit picking or being pedantic. The purpose is to put you in the position of some of those who contribute. They have not done so only to be patronised by you because of the odd minor slip or two.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

  Forum Editor 14:51 24 Jun 2019


"FE, my email address means something completely different from what you have assumed. Please refrain from discussing such details on a public forum."

I haven't discussed any details of your email address. There is nothing in my post that could possible identify you, so no data rules have been broken - no need for you to get upset.

I haven't the time to make blow by blow responses to the other points you make in your long post I'm afraid.

Update at 15:18 on 24/06 - technology came to my aid, and your post has been restored.

  wee eddie 15:09 24 Jun 2019

Cymro, I have been meditating on our helpline. The reason for its existence has definitely changed over the years.

However, there are still newbies. Whether they have just bought their first Computer or just tried to install a new Router and set up a local network for the first time.

So long as instructions are still written in Klingon, there will be a place for freely given on-line help.

  oresome 18:59 27 Jun 2019

To think, the old codgers that frequent this board were once at the leading edge of technology!

Progress inevitably leads to the simplification of devices to open them up to a mass market.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 27 Jun 2019

To think, the old codgers that frequent this board

Hope you're including yourself :0)

  polymath 21:57 27 Jun 2019

Some of us old codgers enjoy new technology AND know something of what still underlies it (because we had to back when we started)!

  polymath 08:42 28 Jun 2019

This is getting more like it (almost as entertaining as the forums here in Ireland)....

  Forum Editor 22:45 28 Jun 2019


I'm sorry - you tried, and others tried to make a decent discussion out of this, but certain people decided to try their hand at trolling. Better, I think to bring it to an end rather than allow them the oxygen of publicity. It brought back unpleasant memories of the past.

Thank you for making the attempt. Perhaps we can revisit the subject some other time

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