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What can we do to save this Forum?

  Cymro. 15:32 18 Jun 2019

There seems to be fewer and fewer people on this Forum. Even F.E. referred to this in one post. So I assume that as you are here reading this you must have some interest in what is posted. So what's to be done then? I suppose we could all just let the Forum die a death of a thousand cuts or try to do something to revive it. So what sugestions can you meke then?

  Cymro. 15:34 18 Jun 2019

Correction meke then should be make then

  Brumas 17:37 18 Jun 2019

Belatucadrus, that made me chuckle. Fran stills accumulates postcards but I haven't seen any worth a Friday night session. The unidentified ones are mostly woodlands, obscure villages with no redeeming features, crowds of people or bloomin churches.

As soon as I have accumulated 5 or 6 it will be game on ;o}

  Quickbeam 18:31 18 Jun 2019

It's to do with the way we interact online that's changed, this style of forum format is now stone age!

  Govan1x 21:49 18 Jun 2019

it is dying a death because of the Adds and videos it shows.

it has to make money some way but methinks they have overdone it.

I would say that is the Number one problem. Some of the questions asked could be the number two problem.

We used to have some good debates on here but unfortunately some got out of hand and and the FE drew his sword and Smote the. never to return again.

An amnesty might bring some of them back.

Politics was the main outflow of resentment But nowadays you have one of the worst Governments of all times with other Political party's just as bad.

And what do we get, almost a wall of silence. it is hard to believe.

We cant say one political party is any worse than the other hence they are all rock bottom. All of that and no arguments its to quiet.

What do you think should be the next move." Independence for Scotland should be a good place to start.

  wee eddie 21:57 18 Jun 2019

As you say Kevin, you are obviously an expert. I am not.

However, in sporting terms, I am a damn good Curler. Last year I skipped Teams to win 2 Open Competitions, locally. However, I also know that there are many Players out there who could make mincemeat of me. And, had they been playing, I would not have won Highlander Trophy

Just because you think that you know the answer to one question, does not mean that you know the answer to all questions. A little consideration to lesser mortals would make you a much more enjoyable companion

  john bunyan 22:25 18 Jun 2019

I joined the forum at first to get technical help as a newbie when Windows and PC’s were far less reliable. Over time I have gained experience with the help of unselfish and very helpful , folk, who, in the main are not “self important “ nor sarcastic. Occasionally I now can offer a bit of advice on the bits of the subject I enjoy. Also the speakers corner has been a great place for dialogue, but there has been a sad decline in numbers and debating subjects. Maybe with the cessation of the print version it is hard to recruit new members. However I regret the decline and wish I could think of a solution. I congratulate FE for his efforts.

  wee eddie 22:52 18 Jun 2019

Kevin, are you going out of your way to be obnoxious.

If not, it certainly looks as though you are trying hard to upset folk and if you plan to carry on as you are at the present, I for one would not be sad to see you go.

You may not understand but some of us have had alter egos and decided that it is worth our while to amend our ways, and returned with a new Handle. It is difficult to disguise ones writing style but I cannot remember anyone referring to an individual by his previous, possibly disgraced, Handle. The past is the past.

We all try hard, frequently working with less than comprehensive information, to help all comers. Even you, although I cannot imagine that there is anything out there that would have the nerve to cause you to come unstuck.

  Forum Editor 23:04 18 Jun 2019

"I know that adverts generate income but once a site is set up what "running" costs do you have."

Like all busy sites we need some pretty hefty hardware - servers running the databases for this forum, for instance and a web server to serve all the pages that are dynamically created each time you click a link.

Journalists who write the content have to be paid, as do those who keep the site updated and running smoothly.

Marketing people who sell the advertising space.

Offices for everyone to work in - rent and business rates. Computers for them to use.

My villa in the Bahamas.

It all costs a lot of money, and that money comes exclusively from advertising revenues.

Kevin likes to sneer at us, and boast about how he will pop up with another identity if he's banned, but people like him are not really interested in helping anyone - they pose as experts. but they aren't - they come here to showboat at the expense of others with their 'if you say so' responses - they have come and gone by the dozen over the almost nineteen years of our forum's life.

We have an enviable reputation for providing free advice to those in need, and we'll keep on doing it as long as there are people who want help. It's a free resource, but running it is not cheap.

  Menzie 23:37 18 Jun 2019

My villa in the Bahamas.

Is it on Airbnb? :-)

Wee eddie - Kevin has always been like that for a long while. Unfortunately any forum you come across will have someone similar. Usually they get bored when they don't get a rise eventually and move on.

  Quickbeam 06:43 19 Jun 2019


I've suspected for a while now that the FE has a sense of humour...

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