What biscuit toppings?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:25 05 May 2013

Due to errors in treatment for an unpleasant throat condition I can no longer swallow solid food. Although that is not strictly true as I can 'eat' Carrs Cheese Melts. These. But to do so they must be covered with a thick coating of butter (Lurpak) and a topping which is where my question comes in because the second part of the triple wammy is my taste buds have been to a great extent been destroyed particularly those on the back of the tongue.

Consequently I have found that there are very few flavours that I can still enjoy. Marmite is top of the list, followed by a lemon curd and recently I have discovered Brussels Pate.

I did say eat but not eat in the real sense of the word as the third part of the triple wammy is my salivary glands have been severely affected. So these biscuits have to be washed down with a liquid usually coffee.

So I am looking for alternative suggestions to the toppings I can put on the biscuits bearing in mind I have probably tried most things.

Over to you folks.

  Nontek 11:48 05 May 2013

Smooth peanut butter, marmalade, jam - all sorts, just experiment, you might be surprised.

  Nontek 11:49 05 May 2013

Ooops, sorry about double post, site must be running bit slow.

  Aitchbee 11:50 05 May 2013

Have you tried EL TEQUITO's Chilli Red Kidney Beans ... on offer at Lidl for 39p a 420g can [heated up and served on cream crackers as a serving suggestion] ... mucho yummy.

  Nontek 12:00 05 May 2013

BTW, sorry about your eating problems, I hope you got some sort of compensation re the treatment error.

  Cymro. 12:08 05 May 2013

Can I assume that you have had Radiotherapy for your throat problem. I ask as I had radiotherapy some years ago. The radiotherapy that I had also involved the throat and so gave me the same side effect as you. It was some years ago so I don't remember how long it took but the side effects did get better on their own eventually.

Regarding what to eat. As you enjoy Lurpak butter a butter that I remember to be slightly salty can you get real homemade farmhouse butter with a little extra salt? Whatever you eat must have extra salt seasoning garlic curry powder chillies anything that has a strong taste to it. So called ethnic cooking is usually more flavoursome than what we are used to. So how about Chinese Indian etc.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:12 05 May 2013


As I said there are very few things I have not tried. Jam I never liked before and just tastes really foul now. Peanut butter even the smooth is just to thick and does not dissolve very easily. Marmalade, provided it has not got bits of peel in it is OK, again taste plays a big part here.


I have not tried that but I would need to purée them as even the smallest grain of rice is too big to swallow.

  Cymro. 12:12 05 May 2013

**Nontek I hope you got some sort of compensation re the treatment error. **

Side effects are not necessary caused by a treatment error.

  fourm member 12:16 05 May 2013

Off topic, but I just wondered if anyone had ever suggested Biotene gel to you. It's a saliva replacement and helps to prevent infections. I suppose it might also help to activate your tastebuds because, as I understand it, saliva plays a role in taste.

  john bunyan 12:22 05 May 2013

Have you tried Castello blue cheese (very smooth) with the Carrs melts? There is a smooth version in foil, and a fairly smooth one in a triangular container with a stronger blue cheese flavour. Camembert is also a good choice - the smellier and runnier the better!

  Chronos the 2nd 12:23 05 May 2013


Unfortunately my side affects are permanent, overdose of radiation therapy and then ignoring the problem for 7 months. Certain muscles will forget what to do do if they have been inactive for a fair length of time that's one of the reasons we have physiotherapists but manipulation of esophagus muscles is difficult at best and virtually impossible after 7 months.

But hey I am looking for toppings not sympathy, I still get hungry and yearn for fish and chips and a pint (which now tastes absolutely disgusting and I miss my beer).

I might take your advice about chillies and maybe something ginger. Curry no, I hated it before and I cannot see why I should feel any different now.

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