What Bike size

  gengiscant 10:12 28 May 2010

I am thinking of getting a bike, probably mountain as I want it to be sturdy enough to go over the odd bit of rough ground.
What frame size am I looking for?I am 5ft 8in tall with an iside leg measurement of 31in.

  Al94 10:44 28 May 2010

This might help click here

  canarieslover 10:58 28 May 2010

As you are not going to be using it for mainly off road riding I would suggest that you try a 19"/20" frame size but with the main emphasis on getting the length between saddle and handlebars comfortable. It's cheap to raise or lower the saddle but getting the other measurement right can be time consuming and expensive.

  BT 17:11 28 May 2010

When you have got your bike its important to get the saddle at the right height too.
We were always told that you should be able to touch the floor with ball of your foot - both feet, when sitting on the saddle.
This ensures that you get the maximum advantage from your leg effort when pushing the pedals. I see so many people these days with the saddle far too low with the result that their legs are in much too bent a position, with the result that they are not in a comfortable riding configuration.

  NewestRoyWidd1 10:38 29 May 2010

From my dim and distant days of track-racing,the simplest method of getting the saddle-to-handlebars distance correct for yourself,was to place your elbow on the nose of the saddle,make a fist then put that arm so your fist touches the handlebar stem.
Then slide the saddle back and forth until your middle knuckle just touches the stem.Tighten saddle bolts and away you go.

  Quickbeam 10:44 29 May 2010

If you buy from a specialist cycle shop rather than a 'stack 'em high, flog 'em cheap' outlet, you will get some good advice.

  gengiscant 13:04 29 May 2010

As Quickbeam says,I'll take advice from a specialist shop, then get myself a second hand one elsewhere.
cheers all.

  canarieslover 11:57 31 May 2010

Just be careful that you don't end up with a stolen bike. There are lots of them out there, probably as many for sale as genuine ones.

  Quickbeam 10:47 01 Jun 2010

what's the jury's opinion on rear suspension on mountain bikes?

When I look at people pedalling them, a lot of the energy seems to be getting absorbed by the suspension unit, and most serious mountain bikers don't seem to have rear suspension. Are my thoughts correct?

  canarieslover 13:45 01 Jun 2010

Mountain Biking has evolved in several ways. In the 'cross country' side of the sport many riders still use what are referred to as 'hardtails' with front suspension only. Some use full suspension bikes but these usually have limited movement and/or lockable rear suspension so that energy isn't wasted bouncing the bike up and down instead of going forward. Downhill bikers use the full suspension, and usually quite long travel in it, as they don't do too much pedalling but do need to absorb the bumps that they are hitting at quite high speeds. The average fairly cheap full suspension bikes are really just fashion items and do use up a lot of energy when pedalling which isn't good as these are usually the heavier bikes anyway.

  Quickbeam 08:12 02 Jun 2010

I thought that that might be the case, everytime they rotate the pedals their whole body weight is also moved up and down.

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