What is BAA comming to?

  rawprawn 16:58 21 Dec 2010

The Salvation Army have been handing out hot drinks to stranded passengers at Heathrow.
I would have thought that hot drinks would have been the least that BAA could do for their customers.

  Forum Editor 17:24 21 Dec 2010

On one level this is complicated situation, but on another level it's incredibly straightforward.

Having got into the position of having crowds of people camping out in the airport a fair bit of goodwill could be reclaimed by treating them to a bit of hospitality - unlimited food and (non alcoholic)drink should be a basic I would have thought.

Undoubtedly some frustrated passengers make things difficult - one of my daughters worked at the airport for a couple of years, and some of the things she experienced passengers doing told the other side of the story. Nevertheless, it's Christmas, and the level of tension is going to be high. The airport operator isn't to blame for the bad weather, but to a large extent it is responsible for what appears to be an almost total collapse of organisation in terms of dealing with the consequences.

The airport operator doesn't schedule flights, and doesn't cancel them - it's worth remembering that the airlines do all that. The airport operator's job is to run the airport, and that includes operating around and through bad weather. If say, Canadian airports came to a virtual standstill because of 150mm of snow they would be out of action for six months a year. I've taken off from and landed on American airports that had five times as much snow each side of the runway, but things went smoothly.

Heathrow is in trouble because of a failure to invest enough in snow clearance technology. No doubt we'll hear the 'lessons have been learnt' mantra being chanted after this is over, but it isn't enough. We've heard all that several times before, and nothing was done. It's time some people resigned and let others make a professional job of it. If something isn't done, and done quickly we'll lose billions of valuable airline business to other European airports.

  karmgord 20:58 21 Dec 2010

BAA are profit driven
The "Sally Army" are driven by humanity

  Al94 21:07 21 Dec 2010

Those whom I know who frequently travel internationally would regularly fly to Schipol and pick up a flight from there to avoid Heathrow, it has had a dreadful reputation for many years.

  dagbladet 21:18 21 Dec 2010

This Schipol?

click here

  Big L 266 21:29 21 Dec 2010


Rawprawn....I watched this very worthy news item about the wonderful Salvation Army helping out stranded passengers. The many fine volunteers were handing out warming drinks with a pleasing smile and great cheer. It was very humbling indeed to see this today and as karmgord says they're driven by humanity.

The Spanish-owned BAA Heathrow is by contrast a national and European disgrace of the first order and is a disaster. All those top brass top tier management executives and bosses being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds and Euros and not one of them with an ounce of guts, gumption or integrity except to hide away in their plush offices and leave their embattled staff to deal with everything.

Well done to The Salvation Army for helping out this humanitarian nightmare.

Big L 266

  karmgord 21:39 21 Dec 2010

I'm sure others on this forum will defend the airport ,saying this is exceptional weather,and businesses are not charities,and are responsible to their shareholders.

  peter99co 21:46 21 Dec 2010

I would not defend the airport or put them in charge of a party in a brewery either.

  Big L 266 21:59 21 Dec 2010


karmgord....I wonder how they would be able to defend the indefensible then. What must the rest of the business world think when they see the finest of men and women of the Salvation Army (a noted and highly respected humanitarian charity), turn up to help out customers of a multi-million pound corporation, (a 'profit-before-people' conglomerate) because the latter are so utterly stupid, incompetent and clueless?

peter99co....Neither would I!

Where's Willie Walsh these days?

Big L 266

  timsmith259 23:21 21 Dec 2010

its kinda of funny today at around lunchtime i saw a business jet makes its way to RAF Northolt, how can that happen?

  spuds 23:31 21 Dec 2010

We have some friends returning home to the UK from Thailand, and Thai Airways had to divert their aircraft to Copenhagen because of the Heathrow close-down. The airline are providing hotel accommodation etc, until they can arrange onward transport to the UK.

I did notice in one of yesterdays daily newspapers, that they had published an article about your rights in circumstances like this. Presenting a copy of that newspaper might save some big arguments!.

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