what assets could brown sell off next

  sunnystaines 11:18 05 Mar 2010

after selling dover port to the french, will gordon brown be looking at th greek german spat over germans offer to buy corfu & other greek islands.

just see it now IOW,IOM,Channel Is, farne islands and scottish island all up for sale.

health service broken down to regions and sold to american private health companies to run.

china buys isle of man, builds loads of factory's shipping in plane loads of cheap chinnese peasents to staff them and getting a foothold inside the EU.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:32 05 Mar 2010

Our souls?


  bri-an 11:33 05 Mar 2010

It's Cameron who says our debt has to be knocked down quickly - so maybe he'll sell Staines and clear the whole national debt at one go...!!

  sunnystaines 11:39 05 Mar 2010

will not get much for staines its been rundown over the last 20 years,council sold off housing stock to housing authorities who have built flats on every scrap of land and filled them with problem families from westminster and asylem seekers.

poor policing now and lots of yob culture every where

  interzone55 12:15 05 Mar 2010

Brown isn't selling Dover Harbour, they're selling themselves, the Government has nothing to do with the sale as it belongs to Kent County Council.

Please stop all this knee jerk Gordon Brown is at fault for everything as it just takes attention away from the real reason for our problems, which is pure personal greed...

  bri-an 12:48 05 Mar 2010

Glad to see you accepting the Tories were the initial cause in running down Staines. So Brown cannot be blamed for all your troubles!

Unfortunately lots of people on here just cannot stop the knee-jerk reaction you mention. Same scapegoat for everything seems to be their motto.
And as for personal greed, let's have this inheritance tax policy from George!

  sunnystaines 14:42 05 Mar 2010

i blame both tory and labour for the run down of the town where i live 20 years ago was a nice town and a popular place to come shopping that is no more.

original thread was posted in jest for a few smiles.

brian you don't fancy moving here as i have my house up for sale?

  birdface 14:43 05 Mar 2010

Vote catcher.
Stop having to pay for a TV license.
I think that would just about swing it.

  sunnystaines 14:50 05 Mar 2010

my worry is brown seems blind to the national debt and we could end up with a devalued pound and a complete crash of the economy.It seems like the gov't is like one of those shopaholic types you see on TV that find it hard to tighten the purse when in dire straits.

  bri-an 15:38 05 Mar 2010

"brian you don't fancy moving here as i have my house up for sale?"

Anywhere south of Hadrian's wall would be anathema to me, I'm afraid! But best of luck with the sale.

I don't think Brown is blind about the debt, just that he has a different approach to it's solution. The Labour way seems to be to try to keep jobs just now and repay more when the economy has moved again, the Tories seem to want to cut now and accept more unemployment and services cuts.

Both views will appeal to different people (possibly depends how 'safe' you think your own job is).

Only the fullness of time might tell us which way is better - so let's hope we can go to the polls armed with information about actual policies, and not just the idiot 'discussions' about 'personalities' that are dogging every debate just now, particularly PMQ's.

  sunnystaines 15:57 05 Mar 2010

when we move it may well be on your side of the wall as we like Ayr.

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