What are your thoughts on Wikileaks' Afghanistan logs?

  PC Advisor 10:40 27 Jul 2010

Wikileaks has releasing military logs from Afghanistan, asking for public assistance in combing them for information (click here). What do you think?

  David Price 10:41 27 Jul 2010

Here's a poll on the subject.

click here

  wee eddie 10:57 27 Jul 2010

had told us the truth in the first place.

I'm not certain how the West can solve the problem of the Militant Islamic Fundamentalists, who believe the West should be destroyed, but I know that this method is not right.

Is does nothing, but strengthen those Militant Islamic Fundamentalists and, also, it weakens our case for rectitude.

  Seth Haniel 11:04 27 Jul 2010

going to be nit-picking through 90,000 documents ;)

  sunnystaines 11:34 27 Jul 2010

will not help at all

  john bunyan 12:29 27 Jul 2010

Imagine if Wikileaks had been around just before Normandy in 1944, and revealed the deception plans (Man Who Never Was etc). The results would have been catastrophic. Whilst there is a justification to follow up the episodes of civilian casualties in particular, there should be strict rules on not compromising troops in the field by unnessary disclosures by such people, however well meaning.

  interzone55 13:17 27 Jul 2010

"Imagine if Wikileaks had been around just before Normandy in 1944"

I wonder what it would have been like if the current press had been around in WW1. They kick up a storm when one soldier dies, just imagine how the Currant Bun would react if they were faced with 60,000 dead tommies on 1st July 1916

  donki 13:26 27 Jul 2010

Maybe it will give us a better understanding why there is so much hatred felt for Britian and the US. The civilains of Afghanastan and Iraq have been seeing these kind of "mistakes" happening for years

  Scillonia 15:55 27 Jul 2010

An old saying 'The truth will out'

  Forum Editor 18:16 27 Jul 2010

The problem in this context is, will we recognise the truth when we see it?

We've created a world in which it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep secret information secret for long. A few mouse clicks, and the most sensitive information can be made available to millions, regardless of the consequences.

The response on the part of government agencies may be to increase security measures, and we'll end up knowing less and less about more and more.

  karmgord 18:51 27 Jul 2010

Double edged sword,
On one hand the public should know the truth,
on the other this is "manner from heaven to those wishing to radicalise young hot heads and ultimately could cost lives.
Regardless of leaks the truth eventually comes out.

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