What are your thoughts on Charity Christmas cards

  hssutton 13:30 12 Nov 2013

I'm talking about the unsolicited packs of cards that drop through your letter box at this time of year. Over the past few days we have received 4 of these packs all of them requesting a donation of £10. No doubt going on past experience several more will arrive over the next 2/3 weeks.

Personally any spare money will be going to the Philippines.

  Woolwell 13:40 12 Nov 2013

I dislike the practice of unsolicited cards being sent out by charities. It becomes a form of moral blackmail in that you tend to feel obliged to pay. Charity Christmas cards that you buy online or from a store are a different matter.

  bumpkin 13:48 12 Nov 2013

"It becomes a form of moral blackmail in that you tend to feel obliged to pay." That is the idea of it which is why I won't donate to them. If I were to be asked if I wanted to buy some that is different.

  spuds 14:20 12 Nov 2013

Not sure if it was Poundland or one of the other £1 or 99p shops, but I noticed the other day, they were selling Christmas charity card packs. Perhaps last years overstock?.

  fourm member 14:22 12 Nov 2013

'buy online or from a store'

The problem is in being sure how much money is going to the charity.

Rather than buying charity cards at all it would be better to buy the cheapest cards you can find and give the difference to your choice of charity.

(Better still, of course, is to not buy any cards.)

Charities who try and blackmail people should be ashamed of themselves. It seems to me quite possible that it leads to a reduction in total donations to charity because people get fed up with it.

  mole1944 15:10 12 Nov 2013

Do as I do I don't send cards and instead make a charity donation

  chub_tor 13:35 13 Nov 2013

I don't buy Charity Christmas cards as it seems to me that a minuscule amount of the sale proceeds actually goes to the charities nominated, in fact the only "charity" I ever donate to is the Salvation Army.

However I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, it is the one time of the year that I am in touch with the many friends and colleagues I have. Each one gets an individual personal message - none of that Happy Xmas from stuff - and in return I invariably get an update of how they and their family have done over the previous 12 months. More than 60 cards sent and received last year and I will continue in the same tradition this year.

  bumpkin 16:06 13 Nov 2013

I send a card to all of my friends too so a free charity pack of 10 will last me a decade so I don't need all the other junk mail.

  bumpkin 16:08 13 Nov 2013

And my dog does not really appreciate it anyway.

  Forum Editor 18:25 13 Nov 2013

Let's have no more mention of the 'C' word until the curfew is lifted, on 25th November.

  hssutton 20:50 13 Nov 2013

Whoops! F.E. sorry about that, so annoyed with these thick envelopes dropping through the letter box.

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