What are your favourite radio stations?? Top 5

  DANZIG 09:37 12 Jan 2010

Kind of along the lines of the Radio 2 Breakfast show malarkey - I was kind of interested in what others listen to.

Heres mine...

2)Radio 2
3)Radio 1
4)The Pulse (of West Yorkshire)
5)any local BBC station when I'm on my travels.

  Quickbeam 09:40 12 Jan 2010

"The two best programmes for intelligent interaction about the music and musicians are Radio 2's Radcliffe & Maconie Show and Absolute's Ben Jones, which unfortunately clash on their times at 20:00."

My own quote from the Chris Evans thread.

  Quickbeam 09:47 12 Jan 2010

I wouldn't care to put an order to them as all stations have something I like a lot, and a lot I don't like at all.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:39 12 Jan 2010


  wolfie3000 10:50 12 Jan 2010

Only have one radio station I listen too, Chronix aggression.

click here

  crosstrainer 11:43 12 Jan 2010

Radio 5 Live (not sure about the new afternoon show though)

Radio 4

Radio 7


Last FM (net and xbox)

  jack 12:27 12 Jan 2010

thats it.

  interzone55 12:37 12 Jan 2010

In order of listening time

Radio 2
Radio 5
Radio Manchester
Radio 6

I used to listen to Revolution radio out of Oldham a lot, but it was bought by Steve Penk and all the good DJs left before the end of the day the news was announced...

  Chegs ®™ 12:44 12 Jan 2010

Local radio( click here ) mostly and whatever I can find when travelling,but whenever the local station starts to irritate me with banal chat or repeated playing of a track (such as when crazy frog was in the charts or more recently,Michael Buble) I listen to Spotify.

  Esc4p3 13:07 12 Jan 2010

For me it is

Radio 1
Planet Rock
The Coast (local radio)


  Bapou 13:37 12 Jan 2010

BBC Radio Newcastle is enough for me. I rarely go beyond it's boundary in the car these days to bother with other stations.

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