What are you having for breakfast?

  Quickbeam 07:10 22 Jun 2012

Not the obscene 'super sized' fry up I'll bet!

I'll just stick with my coffee and 2 rounds of toast thanks.

  Aitchbee 21:34 23 Jun 2012

morddwyd - if you have any coronary heart probs then you have a good doctor.

I do not have any heart problems.

Check this out.


  Aitchbee 21:46 23 Jun 2012

morddwyd - wrong link there?

If you don't have any coronary problems then under 5.0 is ok.(I don't)

If you do have heart problems, then under 4.0 is better.

sorry about 'cut & paste' error.

  Condom 16:49 24 Jun 2012

Well this morning I had me favourite as I was able to get some Scottish "tattie" Scones at the supermarket yesterday. Two friend eggs with three fried "tattie" Scones, 2 rashers bacon and a couple of slices of beetroot all washed down with a nice cup of English tea....Heaven...well it is Sunday.

  spuds 10:34 25 Jun 2012

Perhaps referring to peoples travels and breakfast pleasures.

When these type of discussions take place, I always remember the pleasures of having many a Chinese breakfast that consisted of watery rice, with chicken stock, slivers of spring onion, liver and herbs and egg, with a nice mug of Char

Either on a cold or warm morning, this was a breakfast not worth missing, and was always readily available on most street corners, in the early mornings.

  spuds 11:59 25 Jun 2012


I remember the New Territories well, and had locals who were very good friends of mine.

Regarding the food, I became immune to most things, after having various treats on my varied travels. Did recall once of someone having their usual rice meal with a few Anchor/Tiger lager's, and it started a fermenting process, and that was in Brunei Town :O)

  spuds 12:21 25 Jun 2012

I mentioned Anchor/Tiger, it could have been Red River, a nice select Chinese brew, if I am thinking right?.

  Quickbeam 12:37 25 Jun 2012

I'd better tick this as resolved seeing as it's now lunchtime.

  Quickbeam 12:44 25 Jun 2012

If you're in Barnsley it's Barnsley Bitter.

The tick resolved doesn't appear to be working.

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