What are you doing at Christmas?

  LegoTestPilot 13:16 09 Dec 2007

Whats everyone else up to?
I may have to workover Christmas:-(

  Legolas 13:26 09 Dec 2007

My Father and I will be at one of my brothers for Christmas dinner then on Boxing Day all the family (two sisters and family, two brothers and family) eighteen people in all will be at my house, we are intending to buy in some lovely Chinese and Indian food from the local Indian/Chinese restaurants, done the same thing a couple of years ago which everyone enjoyed.

  Cymro. 13:42 09 Dec 2007

For us it will be one of the few Christmases away from home.
My wife and I, plus our son and his wife are all going to our daughters house for Christmas. The daughter and her husband will take over all the entertaining. That is only as it should be as we have done it often enough over the years.

But the biggest attraction for us will be that we will get to see our first grandchild. At just five months old she is too young to appreciate what it is all about, but you can bet that the rest of us will make up for that.

As we live in North Wales and the daughter lives in Cardiff and the son in Brighton it is not so often that we can all get together in such a way. It may even make on old Scrooge like me who hates Christmas actually enjoy it.

The biggest problem will be to stop the wife taking over the whole thing and doing all the cooking etc. But I dare say that the new baby will take her mind off any thoughts of that, if she can persuade me to let go of the baby that is.

  Earthsea 13:49 09 Dec 2007

Usually I just eat loads, drink loads and fall asleep in front of the TV. But this year I'm cooking Christmas dinner, then eating loads, drinking loads and falling asleep in front of the TV.

  crosstrainer 13:59 09 Dec 2007

Strange really, lived in North Wales all my life til 1997. This year, christmas in Cardiff as per usual...If you get bored email me...Alway's a beer or two available! :)

  Bingalau 14:07 09 Dec 2007

crosstrainer. He won't have a free hand to hold the glass of beer with as he will still be holding the baby when he arrives at your front door. But it sounds like a good offer to me. Hope he doesn't drop the baby in his rush to get over to yours.

  crosstrainer 14:13 09 Dec 2007

Although the invitation extend's to the little'un.

I was thinking more in terms of " Couple of hours peace and quiet" :)

  Cymro. 14:22 09 Dec 2007

I may be better off sending my tribe over to yours and I would stay with the baby so that I could then have peace and quiet. Being a grandchild of mine it is sure to be well behaved.

  Forum Editor 14:23 09 Dec 2007

I will be

1. Staying at home as much as possible.

2. Working here.

3. Not taking any business calls, or working on any business documents.

4. Doing what I call playing music, but what my youngest daughter refers to as 'arsing about with guitars'.

  Forum Editor 14:26 09 Dec 2007

that I'll also be cooking the Christmas lunch for the whole family - daughters, son, and whoever else is here.

I do it every year, and love it, I get tetchy if anyone comes into the kitchen and offers advice.

  Totally-braindead 14:32 09 Dec 2007

I'll be cooking Xmas dinner as well for myself and my 2 elderly parents. It'll just be the three of us I think.
They have decided, well mum really, has decided that we are having steak pie for Xmas dinner.
Don't really mind as its my favourite meal but doesn't seem very Xmasy.
So I'll be cooking and watching the gogglebox. Thats about it really.

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