What are the spanish up to with Gibraltar?

  WhiteTruckMan 19:13 28 Jul 2013

Apparently they are busy making asses of themselves at the border

Daily mail link

Do they seriously think this sort of behaviour will get them back 'the rock'? Or maybe they are just sabre rattling to distract their own populace from domestic problems? And who are they hurting most, the Gibraltans or their own citizens?

And as an aside, I wonder why I've been unable to find this story on the BBC news site.


  alanrwood 19:32 28 Jul 2013

They have been doing this sort of thing for many years. If they stopped trhat number of people crossing then just think how much money was not spent in Spain because people could not get there. Sheer stupidity if you ask me.

  fourm member 19:54 28 Jul 2013

'distract their own populace from domestic problems?'

I think that may be a large part of it but it seems to stem from actions by Gibraltar that will make it harder for Spanish fishermen to fish illegally.

The BBC is reporting on today when the lines formed on the Spanish side for those wanting to enter Gibraltar.

  Chronos the 2nd 19:55 28 Jul 2013

The story is breaking news on what the BBC jokingly calls it's news channel. William Hague has expressed concern so that means a bit of hand wringing and finger wagging and from the government.

I had not heard that shots had been at jet skier in British waters or our government response to that incidence either.

  Woolwell 22:15 28 Jul 2013

The border was actually closed for many years in the 1970's if I remember correctly.

  Forum Editor 22:46 28 Jul 2013


The border was not fully open between 1969 and 1985.

  Forum Editor 22:50 28 Jul 2013

In 1713 Spain formally ceded Gibraltar to the British Crown in perpetuity, since when various Spanish governments have been trying to find ways to get it back.

We've broadly taken the same attitude to Gibraltar as we have to the Falkland islands - we have promised to take no action that affects the sovereignty status of the territory without the consent of the Gibraltarians.

  Macscouse 22:51 28 Jul 2013

I went out to Gibraltar attached to The Royal Anglian Regiment on an emergency posting in April 1968 or 69, due to the closing of the border. My recovery wagon out there was an old BSA motorbike that weighed twice as much as me. Only the odd sabre-rattling from the Spanish side then, just to get us out of bed.

  wiz-king 08:19 29 Jul 2013

It' a bit like:-

It's August - time for the French to have an air traffic control strike.

  fourm member 09:18 29 Jul 2013

It will, probably, be popular with the Spanish tourist businesses close to Gibraltar if people decide they don't want the hassle and spend their holiday Euros in Spain.

  johndrew 09:37 29 Jul 2013

Gibraltar is a lovely place. It is fiercely British, has good policing, excellent medical facilities and the Spanish are always attempting to find new ways of smuggling tobacco over to Spain!! I have been twice and should love to afford to live there, but for me it is not achievable.

After the last referendum held a few years ago to allow the populace the option of Gibraltar becoming Spanish, over 95% voted to stay British. Or to put it in the words of our taxi driver, "We are still looking for those who voted against us being British - to hang them!!"

Perhaps the Spanish should be given the option of becoming a British colony. Our history shows we fought enough wars against them to have had the ability to occupy their country. Sorry, I forgot, we do that every summer anyway don't we - using tourists!!

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