What are 4 way flashers for

  Graham. 23:58 11 Jun 2008

on a car?

  lotvic 00:31 12 Jun 2008

hazard lights are to warn others that your car is a hazard (broken down, etc.)

  Graham. 00:33 12 Jun 2008

Not for parking where you shouldn't, then?

  lotvic 00:38 12 Jun 2008

if you are a hazard by parking where you shouldn't then you could use them (they will also attract the traffic warden I would think ;-))

  peter99co 00:42 12 Jun 2008

Ladies who are dropping off kids at school find them useful I think. It means they know they are in a no parking area or yellow line zone. Even the area marked Do Not Park Bus Only. I know because I have seen it!

  mrwoowoo 01:34 12 Jun 2008

They are not to be used whilst being towed.
It is illegal to use them unless stationary.

  laurie53 05:34 12 Jun 2008

I'm just popping in to get a paper!

  newman35 06:44 12 Jun 2008

I was once told by a policeman that they're known as 'invisibility-shields' for white van drivers.

  Chegs ®™ 06:59 12 Jun 2008

'invisibility-shields' for white van drivers? Forgetting about a not insignificant cross-section of the rest of the other road users for a moment,yes,lots of vans do "stop,switch-on,bolt" but its the rigid HGV's that complete their newspaper purchase then drive around the rest of the day with them merrily flashing away I find most disconcerting as I never know just where they're going,left/right or stopped.

  interzone55 08:42 12 Jun 2008

The only time I use them is when broken down on the side of a road, after all, that's what they're for...

  Graham. 09:02 12 Jun 2008

A van parked in front of another vehicle only shows the off-side flasher, which indicates it's pulling out.

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