What am I letting myself in for?

  Brumas 23:34 02 Sep 2008

I shall hopefully reach my 60th birthday intact later on in this month as my present is a session on the skidpan at Knockhill Racing Circuit just by Dunfermline!
What am I to expect, will I need to wear brown trousers, will I bottle out and will I enjoy it???

Oh, anyone know of a nice little place to eat nearby, preferably a licensed establishment, as I am pretty sure I will need a beer afterwards!

  cycoze 23:47 02 Sep 2008

I bought my Wife a days rallying and skidpan training, she loved it, i was allowed to sit in the back of the car for her last few skidpan laps, great fun.

No brown trousers needed !

  Noldi 06:22 03 Sep 2008

Some European Country’s specify that you have to do a days Skid pan training within 1 year of passing your driving test or you have your licence taken away.

If inexperienced drivers enjoy it then im sure you will.


  octal 06:28 03 Sep 2008

"What am I to expect"

Your wrinkly pass like me, I get mine next month.

Enjoy the skid pan, sounds fun.

  spuds 11:30 03 Sep 2008

Looks like the right time for training, just before winter conditions set-in. Good Luck and enjoy.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:15 03 Sep 2008

with 30 tonnes of 13 meter trailer hanging off the back end with a stubborn streak and a mind of its own :(

Relax and enjoy yourself. Its more fun than a sack full of ferrets.


  Quickbeam 12:20 03 Sep 2008

there's no age limit for adventure.

  Brumas 13:03 03 Sep 2008

As my mind has now been put to rest, all I need is the place to eat :o)

  Picklefactory 13:25 03 Sep 2008
  Bingalau 13:48 03 Sep 2008

Brumas. I am sure you will enjoy it. If you haven't got brown undies, make sure the skid marks are on the road.

  Brumas 14:05 03 Sep 2008

Spot on! Thanks to everyone else for all their contributions.

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