At what age do you think you will stop driving

  oresome 11:18 18 Jan 2019

Obviously following recent events.

  onthelimit1 11:43 18 Jan 2019

I think the answer has to be 'it all depends'. Depends on health, where you live etc.

  wee eddie 11:47 18 Jan 2019

It varies from person to person. There are some that should never have been allowed on the road in the first place!

  Cymro. 11:54 18 Jan 2019

I think you should start thinking about things like this after the age of 70 start thinking I said not give up. I would have thought that some people would just let their chauffeur do the driving.

  john bunyan 12:38 18 Jan 2019

I would be quite happy to have a medical and or a driving test. Now 81 and have driven every type of vehicle in many countries, probably over 2 million miles. If I had the slightest doubt I would stop, but these things vary so much , just like the onset of dementia or other conditions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 18 Jan 2019

The day of my funeral, can I drive the hearse please :0).

I'm not yet at retirement age and my job requires me to drive some long distances to work sometimes. Already I am finding it more difficult to drive at night especially in bad conditions (rain) on the motorways. I think I'll know when its time to stop completely - when I can't drive at lorry speeds on the main roads ect.

My father stooped as his eyesight deteriorated, but my mother continued in to her early eighties and only stopped after an accident (fortunately no injuries) we persuaded her to sell the car but she still moans about not driving even though her eyesight is poor and reaction time abysmal.

I believe there should be some form of testing after a certain age (not just medical).

Roll on driverless cars I hope they will be ready for when I get to the stage when I to that stage and am therefore not reliant on other people or the abysmal public transport system we have in my area.

  qwbos 15:31 18 Jan 2019

People should probably stop, or be stopped from driving when they regress to the point where they're driving like some of the far younger accidents waiting to happen that seem to dominate the roads.

What happened to good manners? What happened to patience? What happened to correct road positioning at junctions? The list goes on and on.

Too many younger drivers seem to have done most of their training on games consoles or watching garbage like Top Gear.

Some insurance companies now provide black boxes to assess risk. Maybe these should be mandatory to assess competence.

  Quickbeam 15:57 18 Jan 2019

I would like to think that I'll realise when I've become too decrepit to drive#

I agree that after 70 we should have regular driving related health and reactions tests.

  Menzie 15:58 18 Jan 2019

Some insurance companies now provide black boxes to assess risk. Maybe these should be mandatory to assess competence.

Those are a double edged sword, I had one in my car and had it removed after 6 months and just went with a standard policy.

On my commute I cannot go a week without braking quicker than usual. The insurance companies have a "standard" for deceleration, if you have to stop quickly because some idiot pulls out without checking first your discount is reduced.

Last week I hand to honk my horn as some woman on the phone in her SUV was executing a lane change without looking on a high speed road.

Then the lack of lane discipline, I stay in the slow lane but guaranteed someone will still tailgate me because someone is in the improper lane impeding traffic.

And don't even get me started on the lorry drivers! Let me just say my commute is through an industrial area with lots of lorries and how some of them ever got a license to operate I'll never know.

  Quickbeam 16:47 18 Jan 2019

For the last 20 years great fuss had been made over speeding as the main problem on the roads. I would say that now, the main problem is red light runners by 4/8 seconds into a red light!

  KEITH 1955 17:35 18 Jan 2019

I am 63 and have had very poor eye sight in my right eye all my life , think that it should be a matter of using your own common sense as to when you stop driving. I recently got some work dust in my "good eye" and I really struggled to drive home , thank god it was only 4 miles and an alternative way home was on a little used country road so if I ever got a real problem with my good eye I know my own common sense would make me pack up driving.

What really annoys me is when people of a certain age have an accident and end up killing somebody and say its the first accident i've had in 60 years , have they forgot they just killed somebody !

A pal of mine in Scotland got hit by an old person and was left for dead in a ditch.The only reason he was found was because the woman had hit and killed his 3 newfoundland dogs .Check them out on google they are as big as Shetland pony. She could not be prosecuted because her family claimed she had Alzheimer's.

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