What about excessive drinking

  bordercomp 20:20 24 Feb 2007

Never mind the smoking ban what about banning alcohol, Blair and Co. rant on about how much smoking costs the NHS, but what does not sorting out alcohol abuse cost, you don't get many smokers in A&E on a weekend suffering from injuries due to many fags, or beating people up and vandalism after a fag overdose, how many drivers crash whilst driving while under the influence of 10 Embassy Regal versus the damage financially and to innocents that drunk drivers cause, no doubt smoking and passive smoking's harmful but theres also a big issue with passive drinking, remember smoking (tobacco) isn't a crime, maybe its just Greedy Gordon doesn't want to give up his lucrative tax imposition on booze.

  Jak_1 20:23 24 Feb 2007

Nor do smokers threaten A&E Staff with violence either!

  tammer 21:49 24 Feb 2007

Sounds like you need to read up on The Prohibition. Try Wikipedia dude.

  rowdy 22:00 24 Feb 2007

SEX is the main cause of the spread of venereal Diseases.
IMMIGRATION is the cause of many with Aids entering the country
SPORT causes strains and excess wear on bodies leading to arthritis in later life.
COMPUTERS are a main cause of eye strain and back problems.
WORK is a major cause of stress related conditions

I will leave some for others to add.


  VoG II 22:09 24 Feb 2007


Maybe a Japanese-style suicide pact amongst our members would reduce the burden on the NHS.

Or perhaps just lighten up a bit and recognise that it is the taxes from smokers and drinkers that is enabling you to maintain your sad existence. Leave us alone!

  Totally-braindead 23:00 24 Feb 2007

VoG™ thats a very interesting point of view. Less people would certainly make the problems more manageable.
Bet the government has already thought of this and worked out an option to tax it though.

  SANTOS7 23:06 24 Feb 2007

I drank 14 pints of rice puddin last night, i was "Mullered"

  Forum Editor 23:29 24 Feb 2007

bash the government over its anti-smoking stance, and spout off about the harm that drinkers cause, it might sometimes be worth doing a little research first.

If you did you would discover that in the UK deaths caused by smoking are currently running at around 112,000 a year. Compare that to deaths attributable to other causes and you'll see why people in the know are so concerned about smoking.

Look at the statistics for 2002 for instance, and you'll find the following causes of death:

Road traffic accidents (3,439)

Other accidental deaths (8,579)

Alcoholic liver disease (5,121)

Suicide (4,066)

World-wide, almost 5 million people die each year as a result of smoking. Based on current trends, this will rise to 10 million within 20 years.

Now do you see why governments are concerned?

I'm not suggesting that alcohol abuse doesn't cause all kinds of misery that stops short of death, just that it doesn't even come close to the loss of life that results from smoking.

  Burpie 00:21 25 Feb 2007

All for it!

  €dstowe 06:57 25 Feb 2007

A few weekends working a 20 hour shift in a hospital A&E department cures any tendency or temptation for excessive drinking. Try it.

  spuds 13:07 25 Feb 2007

Looking at court case reports, excessive drinking excuses are on the increase.

Sorry mi'lud, but my client had consumed a large amount of alcohol with a top-up of drugs, and he/she as no recollection as to the reasons why they are in court. On that basis, can you find my client not guilty.

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