What the?

  Colin 12:54 20 Apr 2007

Just read this story click here

What on earth is wrong with people? They didn't go to jail, but perhaps a psyciatric unit would be beter for them

  johndrew 14:09 20 Apr 2007

Ah yes, but the prisons are overcrowded and it may infringe their human rights if sent to those conditions!!!!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:28 20 Apr 2007

Well at least it seems the father is a decent person, so there is some hope for the two kids.

  Watchful 17:40 20 Apr 2007

This story is horrific. More proof that some are not fit to be parents.

  postie24 17:48 20 Apr 2007

I think the women should be forced to hit each other with a hairbrush and see how they like it,
Awful story

  ulrich 17:49 20 Apr 2007

This was the only place for them.

  Forum Editor 18:02 20 Apr 2007

because of its bizarre nature, and the fact that the video taken by the women was discovered. In fact there are far worse things going on all around us, quite regularly. Child cruelty has been with us since time immemorial, and it's often extremely difficult to detect, which is why people get away with it on a grand scale.

Show me a deeply disturbed adult, and I'll show you someone who was very likely subjected to some form of cruelty as a child. Cruelty to children doesn't have to involve violence - there are many more subtle ways to make a child's life a living hell - deprivation of parental love being one of the most effective.

  ulrich 19:26 20 Apr 2007

The, I do not know what to call him, piece of dirt who got done for dog fighting got 4 months prison. Does this once again say something of our justice system. Those women, the way they were acting on the news looked like they did not care one bit. Man or woman this lot are no different, stick them in prison, and not for 4 months.

  Legolas 19:59 20 Apr 2007

Sorry I cannot comment much on this as I don't swear and they don't allow it on the forum even if I did. Trying to understand what goes on in their minds would keep a psychiatrist going for years

  ulrich 19:59 20 Apr 2007

I think Prince Williams split up with his girlfriend got more attention, or even my mention of Have I Got News for You which I made last Friday. Which goes to show what this country is coming to. Get your priorities right dear people.

  Colin 21:30 20 Apr 2007

What surprises me about this is the number of people involved. One or two nutcases agreeing to do this, whilst totally unacceptable, would make it seem less out of the ordinary than four people. What else, that no one is aware of, may they have done? As the FE says, child cruelty has always gone on and in much worse ways than in this story, but it still shocks me.

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