We've been here for almost fifteen years

  Forum Editor 19:02 05 Nov 2015

although it doesn't seem that long. I wondered how many of you were with us, back then in the days of Windows 2000, the launch of the Pentium 4 processor, and the advent of Twitter.

I know of some, but there are others who are lurking but not posting. Fancy coming into the light just this once? I would love to see some of the old familiar names again - you know what an old softie I am.

  morddwyd 16:35 22 Nov 2015

Thanks both, I was just curious!

  lotvic 18:28 08 Dec 2015


  greybeard 12:33 10 Dec 2015

Well, lots of names from the grey mists of my mind, but still getting help from them. Grey beard just taken a severe trim, and I'm told it took 20 years away with it ! Still in stormy Norfolk, but now cross the pond regularly to visit childhood friend as the travelling is cheaper than the medical insurance needed to live over there !

Regards all, John

  Forum Editor 13:14 10 Dec 2015


Your username brings back memories of long ago. I seem to recall a discussion about dye sublimation printing, or is my mind playing tricks on me?

  greybeard 18:53 10 Dec 2015

No FE, it's all true. Much water has passed under the bridge. SWMBO departed this mortal coil exactly a year ago, telling me to reinvent myself. Subsequently, my world has turned upside down, and all my friends say there has to be a film, or at least a book in what has happened. Happy to update via pm.


  Forum Editor 10:16 12 Dec 2015


Why don't you email me with an update? ([email protected]).

  greybeard 10:30 15 Dec 2015

Glad to. Problem - in a car smash on Sunday, white van mam drove out of side turning across my bows. Merc written off. I'm OK but it might take me a little while to get sorted ! John

  Forum Editor 07:51 16 Dec 2015


That's bad news - I hope it all ends well.

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