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Were you happy with your chosen career?

  flycatcher1 17:41 18 Nov 2016

My youngest Grandson shared a house with four others when at Uni doing a Masters in Chemistry, he has remained friends with the others and is in regular contact. After Graduation this is what happened : One went to work in the Car Industry and is well paid and very happy, another works for a Privatised Company and is reasonably paid but hates it. Number three works in the Financial Market in Hong Kong, he is on £150,000 pa and last year had a bonus of £250,000 but absolutely hates the job. My Grandson has an expertise in an outside pursuit and has taken a job there earning not much more than the Minimum Wage. He is extremely happy and has the firm intention of staying in that particular line although the prospects of advancement are minimal.

Is happiness in a job necessary for a fulfilling life?

  morddwyd 08:35 22 Nov 2016

I'm reminded of the story about someone starting a new job and he asked an old stager, "What's it like here?"

"Nothing unusual, what was your last place like?"

"Great. Good bosses, great bunch of people, excellent atmosphere."

"Yeah, much the same here."

Couple of hours later another new boy asks the same person the same question, and received the same answer,

"About average, what was your last place like?"

"Dreadful. Bunch of no hopers, a;ways whinging and backbiting."

Yeah, you'll find it much the same here."

  maha_wasim 10:42 25 Nov 2016

Is happiness in a job necessary for a fulfilling life?

I believe in whatever you do, do it honestly and with complete dedication. The point is that when you literally work hard, you will definitely get success and great opportunities along with good earning. As far as happiness is concerned, you will gain true happiness when your work is appreciated so it is an essential element in a job to get appreciated otherwise most of the people despite great earnings left out their jobs.

  Pine Man 16:20 25 Nov 2016

Throughout my working life my maxim was 'Expect nothing and be grateful for what you get'. I was rarely disappointed and frequently pleased.

  oresome 13:46 26 Nov 2016

Pine Man sets a low bar. How can you be disappointed if you expect nothing?

I expected to support a wife and family, provide their food and shelter and for almost thirty years I also supported one of my wife's ageing parents.

I count myself fortunate that I was able to do so in a job that I enjoyed.

I agree with maha_wasim that being appreciated means a lot.

  Pine Man 13:56 26 Nov 2016


You misunderstood, or I phrased it badly - more likely.

I was referring to my chosen career and the fact that, although highly qualified, there was no guarantee of promotion and many of my, equally qualified, colleagues became extremely bitter when not promoted. I, on the other hand, did not expect promotion as a right and was not disappointed initially when not promoted but very pleased as time went by and I was ultimately promoted to a high position in my organisation.

  Pine Man 13:57 26 Nov 2016

..........should have added-

In a job that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  oresome 14:41 26 Nov 2016

No offence intended Pine Man.

I misunderstood you initial remarks.

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