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Were you happy with your chosen career?

  flycatcher1 17:41 18 Nov 2016

My youngest Grandson shared a house with four others when at Uni doing a Masters in Chemistry, he has remained friends with the others and is in regular contact. After Graduation this is what happened : One went to work in the Car Industry and is well paid and very happy, another works for a Privatised Company and is reasonably paid but hates it. Number three works in the Financial Market in Hong Kong, he is on £150,000 pa and last year had a bonus of £250,000 but absolutely hates the job. My Grandson has an expertise in an outside pursuit and has taken a job there earning not much more than the Minimum Wage. He is extremely happy and has the firm intention of staying in that particular line although the prospects of advancement are minimal.

Is happiness in a job necessary for a fulfilling life?

  caccy 17:10 20 Nov 2016

Other than about 3 years, at various times, I enjoyed my all working life. No groan "it's Monday". Not highly paid. Would I take that route again? YES.

I can't think of anything more demoralising than spending about a quarter of one's life doing something that you do not like.

chub_tor summed it up in his last paragraph.

  Aitchbee 22:48 20 Nov 2016

I did well at school and had the luxury of choosing which university course to do. I have, over the years, regretted picking Physics rather than Chemistry as my main subject of study at Strathclyde University ... peer pressure was the main factor and so I followed the herd! if only I had picked Chemistry!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I quit university after my second year due to bad exam results [mainly Maths] and probably unable to fit into to the social side of being a 17-yr-old straight out of school [still wet-behind-the-ears] student, so then looked for a job. Luckily, I ended up as a Telecomms Engineer with BT and really enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the gang I worked with at Govan ATE, HQ. Most of the time I could work at my own pace with nobody looking over my shoulder, locating underground telephone cable faults which involved using one's common sense and intuition. I loved it.

They say Whit's fur ye will no go bye ye. I guess that's a true saying.

  Forum Editor 10:57 21 Nov 2016

The answer to your question is obviously yes, happiness in your chosen career is essential to a fulfilling life. I don't care what anyone says - if you are not happy at work, you are not going to have a sense of fulfilment in life.

  oresome 14:10 21 Nov 2016

The pace of change has increased over the years to the extent that it's unlikely many will remain in the same discipline they started off in throughout their working life. Neither is it always considered a positive to have had such a limited work experience.

When I was at a meeting with a new company following a takeover and colleagues around the table were introducing themselves by way of highlighting their work experience, the approving noises were for those who'd had several jobs with blue chip companies, but none lasting more than 18 months or so.

My 25 years with the one company was met with silence from the largely much younger group.

  Forum Editor 18:29 21 Nov 2016

"My 25 years with the one company was met with silence from the largely much younger group."

Nowadays, the "25 years before the mast" scenario is dead and buried - people don't spend the whole, or even a major part of their working lives with one employer. If you do, you are considered to be lacking in drive and ambition.

I've been Forum Editor for over fifteen years, so what must that say about me?

  wee eddie 20:36 21 Nov 2016

Hang on FE. IDG is not your only Employer, as far as I can tell.

I cannot accept that someone who has several strings to his bow, as it were, should not maintain a long term relationship with several Clients.

That would be a very different matter if it was your only employment.

  wee eddie 20:44 21 Nov 2016

I have kept out of this thread as I had tremendous fun running my Café/Restaurant, but I had considerable problems with refreshing the product and in year 11, closed the Restaurant(evening operation) as it had become stale.

The daytime operation thrived on constancy but in gradually diminishing market.

Sadly the site has had 10 Owners since my lease expired in 2005 and is currently un-tenanted

  Forum Editor 22:27 21 Nov 2016

wee eddie

Hang on FE. IDG is not your only Employer, as far as I can tell.

You're right - I employ myself, and have - as you put it - several strings to my bow. I'm a consultant, and I advise clients, instead of doing a real job.

  wee eddie 23:09 21 Nov 2016

I only had two experiences as a "Consultant", Neither liked my advice and in both cases I had to sue for my Fee.

One decided that my advice was sound and canned the project, the other ignored my advice, upped his offer, got the premises and was out of business within 8 months.

Maybe I should never have taken either on as Clients

  Burn-it 01:11 22 Nov 2016

I worked on contract at a company for 4 years and enjoyed it so much I decided to go and work for them permanently and buy a house in the area. On the day I was due to exchange contracts on the house, the personel manager announce that there were going to be cuts, and when I explained about the house his comment was "You wouldn't have trouble finding another job in the area" and wouldn't say any more. I handed in my notice to the MD the next day. I often wonder where I would be in that company if I had stayed. (I wasn't on the list I found out a few years later, but the personel manager himself was added to it)

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