Were we being milked?

  oresome 16:16 07 Dec 2007

Or was it simply done to give the producers a fair deal as the supermarkets would have us believe?

Is it more likely the supermarkets were creaming off the profits?

Should we call at the customer service desk and ask for a refund?

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  LegoTestPilot 16:34 07 Dec 2007

The loosers in this are: The Farmers & The Consumers!

  justme 17:11 07 Dec 2007

What I want to know is who gets the money that these firms were fined.

I realise that it would be impossible to refund everyone who was overcharged as no doubt people have not kept their receipts and others would claim that they had bought loads just to get money back.

Would it not be better to force the supermarkets to sell an appropriate amount of the products cheap with a large sign beside them saying why they are selling the products cheap now. This would at least give some of the people a chance to be refunded and I am sure that the adverse publicity would be a deterrent against trying it again.

  spuds 18:07 07 Dec 2007

Considering that a group of local farmers were giving free milk away plus leaflets, outside our local Asda store a few months ago,I notice the price of a 4 pint (2272 ltr)container of milk as gone up from 99p to £1.34.

Regarding the fines, no doubt this will be returned via subsidies, similar to the train situation.Fine them one minute, then give it back the next. All looks good on paper, it make the watchdogs look as though they are doing the business. But in the end, the consumer will be the paymaster!!.

  Forum Editor 19:23 07 Dec 2007

The treasury.

As for "the consumer will be the paymaster!!." Well yes, of course the consumer will be the paymaster - who else would be? Everyone in the country is a consumer, and ultimately we pay for everything.

  laurie53 21:03 07 Dec 2007

Never mind a fixed fine (which is minuscule compared with what they made from this scam), just make them pay the 2p a litre extra which they charged us to the farmers who were supplying them over this period.

  Cymro. 13:14 08 Dec 2007

I have supported the supermarkets on this forum in the past but this is just ridiculous. So how much profits do these firms want then?

This is just corporate greed. It is just another form of theft and the directors of the companies concerned should be up in court and prosecuted separately from the companies.

It is no use just penalizing the firms the people who make the decisions should also be prosecuted. I wonder just how many other such scams are going on.

  Chegs ®™ 13:56 08 Dec 2007

I live in a rural area and the local paper used to contain a "comment" from a farmer.I recall reading that the prices farmers were being paid by the supermarkets for milk was so low that he started his own company(along with most of the other farmers)producing dairy produce.This became so successful that he had to forego his weekly article in the paper as he no longer could spare the time,with running his farm & the dairy business.Unfortunately though,the actions of these supermarkets over buying the farm produce resulted in many farmers going bust so to finally hear they've been fined is hollow news to the farming community.

  spuds 14:33 08 Dec 2007

"So how much profit do these firms want then?"

I have just taken up a complaint with one of the UK larger supermarkets, regarding overcharging. The reply was that (in this case)it could take at least 14 days to investigate the complaint, and possibly a month to remedy the problem.

In this case, the supermarket chain does have its own dedicated trading standards officer, following up complaints!.

Make of that, what you will. I always thought that overcharging was regarded as a serious offence!.

  Cymro. 15:13 08 Dec 2007

"I always thought that overcharging was regarded as a serious offence!".

It should be considered a serious criminal offence. Theft is still theft by whatever method.

  JanetO 15:41 08 Dec 2007

This is just another case of supermarkets getting greedy. And the farmers say the extra creamed off by the supermarkets hasn't gone back to them

The average of 10.45p per pint the farmers got last year is little more than the cost of production. This is down on the 13.9 the farmers used to get in 1995.

If this was France the farmers would be clogging up every major road over there until they got their fair price.

Why doesn't our (supposed) socialist government do more to support our farmers?

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