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We're Really Going to Hell in a Handbasket

  morddwyd 09:50 13 Aug 2019

The RAF is to be allowed to grow beards.

click here end of civilisation as we know it!


  Pine Man 10:23 13 Aug 2019

The RAF is to be allowed to grow beards.

That's not fair. What about the women??

  john bunyan 10:40 13 Aug 2019

Facial hair has an interesting history in the forces. In the RAF , the “Flying Officer Kite” moustache was de rigeure, no beards. In the Army, also, beards were only permitted for farriers iin the household cavalry. In the RN, of which the RM is a part, the RM follow Army rules . The RN are ONLY allowed beards , not moustaches ( they ask for permission not to shave). I remember in the early ‘70’s in SF days, we all had “Viva Zapata” style moustaches. Prince Harry , in Army or RM uniform apparently has the Queen’s permission to have a beard.

Sikhs are allowed beards in all branches of the services.

As you say , what a change but I guess other will follow if recruiting remains poor

  wee eddie 11:29 13 Aug 2019

I can see that, once real men start wearing beards, Hipsters will lose interest

  Menzie 13:05 13 Aug 2019

Wee Eddie - What will the beard maintenance market do? There are so many products out there to maintain a beard. All sorts of creams, gels and trimmers.

  wee eddie 13:31 13 Aug 2019

Many will go, cease to exist, be ex-beard products!

No fashion lasts that long. However, some people will continue to wear beards, they will just begin to look old-fashioned and eventually - Fogeyish!

  Menzie 13:38 13 Aug 2019

I wonder if it works.

  Forum Editor 15:52 13 Aug 2019

As far as I'm concerned, the current fashion among young men for sporting beards can't fade soon enough.

At least it's preferable to the fashion for covering your body in apparently meaningless tattoos - beards can be removed in a few minutes. I think there will be a lot of people making a lot of money out of laser tattoo removal in years to come.

  Pine Man 16:44 13 Aug 2019

At least it's preferable to the fashion for covering your body in apparently meaningless tattoos

That is something that we both agree on 100%!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 13 Aug 2019

or you could mix the two

  Menzie 18:01 13 Aug 2019

Loads of things are in fashion now that boggle my mind. Plastic surgery in general seem to be in fashion. Particularly posterior implants, collagen injections, and breast implants.

Celebrities have turned this into a fashion thing which in my opinion it shouldn't be.

It's going to be very interesting when I hit the retirement home in the far future.

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