We're angry with the government's policies

  Forum Editor 15:37 17 Nov 2018

So we thought we would make life really difficult for thousands of people on a sunny Saturday.

  Quickbeam 15:55 17 Nov 2018

They're wasting their time, we'll be having a general rebellion soon anyway...

  Quickbeam 16:03 17 Nov 2018

Actually they'e struck on a very good method of getting real attention from those that seek to ignore the voice of the hoi polloi... Imagine the effectiveness of a public demonstration if every bridge in every city/town/village was demonstrated on simultaneously in this way?

It would be on a par will Gandhi's peaceful, but effective protests.

  Belatucadrus 16:19 17 Nov 2018

Fossil fuel era over.

That is so funny, has nobody told them about the clouds of smog over Delhi, Beijing and any number of other major world cities, or President Trump who's advocating a return to coal ?


  john bunyan 17:32 17 Nov 2018

I hope all these Eco warriors went there on foot or bicycle, that they have allotments, have cold homes and buy no imported food. I don’t know how some people have the time for such demonstrations.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:14 17 Nov 2018

The right to peaceful protest is part of the essence of democracy, as is the right to vote on issues which affect us all and the right to vote out an ineffective and incompetent government.

  Cymro. 10:48 18 Nov 2018

So are we to take then F.E. that you never in your whole life protested about anything not even in your younger days. If so then you must have lead a very satisfying life. Perhaps you do feel strongly about some things but are more than happy for others to do the protesting on your behalf.

  KEITH 1955 11:26 18 Nov 2018

I know I should care about politics but I regret to say I could not care less anymore. There was a time when local councillors would say what they are going to do if you elect them , all they do now is slag off the opposition.

The same thing happens at government level , politicians used to say what they will do for you and the country. Now they employ spin doctors to stage manage headlines and "kissing baby sessions " They no longer tell you what they are going to do they spend their campaign time slagging off each other and just keep saying what the other side is doing wrong. It does not end their , once somebody gets elected they say it will take years to sort out somebody else's mess , its almost as if they are using that as an excuse for not fulfilling their own promises.

I am 63 and as I look back on my life I think I have been fortunate enough to have done everything I have ever wanted to do , don't get me wrong though as I can remember times when my unemployment giro was late and I was walking around my flat as if I was drunk through lack of food.

I do feel for the generation below me for all sorts of reasons , I could rant about it till I run out of text but will resist the temptation to do so. The only example I will give is how long will you be working for , if you don't have a personal pension get one asap. The reason I say this is because I should get my state pension at 65 but its now moved to 67 so if I want to quit work earlier I will have to part live of my savings. It seems as if we are being penalised for wanting to stop working. By the time the generation below me is ready to quit work , what will the official retirement age be ?

  amonra9 11:33 18 Nov 2018

Perhaps they have been watching French TV. As a nation, the French are past masters at public protests, and the gendarmerie just stand to one side and allow general chaos. Winter is coming and the rain, sleet and snow will deter them......

  oresome 11:50 18 Nov 2018

For a protest to have some impact it has to be noticed, so staging it overnight on a wet Thursday just wouldn't cut it.

I get unconvenienced by pop concerts and cycle races but such is life.

  BT 09:19 19 Nov 2018

..and the gendarmerie just stand to one side and allow general chaos..

Then when they've had enough they go in hard with the water cannons and long batons

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