Went to the council tip today

  WhiteTruckMan 22:57 06 May 2007

Always a risky business for me. Went to get rid of a load of rubbish but couldnt resist peeking into various skips. Without fail I always come away thinking 'why on earth did they throw THAT away?'

This time I came away with a set of 9 unused wall mouted wire flower baskets.

Anyone else do anything similar?


  STREETWORK 23:15 06 May 2007

A perfectly good door, now on my shed...

  spuds 23:22 06 May 2007

Our local council recycling depot (tip) is run via sub-contract to a private company. The site staff, do not mind if you bring the correct recyclable material, but they strongly object if you help yourself to any goodies.

Apparently, there is a law about removing items from a council or private tip, without authorisation. If someone brings something in, that is of interest, and they haven't off loaded, then you are quite free to 'exchange'.

  setecio 23:24 06 May 2007

>>Apparently, there is a law about removing items from a council or private tip, without authorisation. <<

So red tape at the recycling centre stops people recycling! Typical !

  STREETWORK 23:24 06 May 2007

Hi spuds, there is no law, just the council jargon fer 'get yer greasy mits off until I had me pickins'...

  Stuartli 23:37 06 May 2007

You'll find skips hired by householders also have their share of interested sorters.

  Totally-braindead 00:37 07 May 2007

It is my understanding that it is against the law to remove items from a skip without the permission of whoever has the skip.

There was a program a few years ago about a guy who went round the skips picking up bits and pieces and in effect renovating his house for nothing and I do remember him saying that before you took anything you must ask whoever has the skip because without permission it is illegal
He might have been wrong on this but thats what was said. I think it was on channel 4.
It was a good series, he picked up things like old wooden doors and stripped them and then used them and things like that.
From what I recall some of the items looked fantastic once he had finished with them.
Part of the appeal to me was he got some quite valuable items for nothing as the people who had hired the skips obviously had no idea that any of the discarded items were worth anything.

  robgf 02:01 07 May 2007

You can get some great bargains from tips:

My bicycle, a Dawes tourer, £7, it needed a new front wheel and has since gone thousands of miles.

A neighbour rescued a video recorder a woman was about to throw in a skip, all it needed was a new fuse in the plug.

You can get some useful computer parts as well, my floppy drive and CD rewriter both were salvaged from tip computers.

If you take anything useful to the tip, make sure you hand it to one of the workers, don't throw it in a skip. Then they are more likely to help you if you are looking for something.

  hzhzhzhz 09:00 07 May 2007

The keyboard I'm typing with and the chair that I'm sitting on,both came from skips.

  hzhzhzhz 09:03 07 May 2007

Oh, and the pc I'm using at the mo would have ended up in the skip if I had not asked my daughter to let me have it.

  jack 09:21 07 May 2007

Skip picking is a favourite pastime of mine also that of minor royalty its seems[the furniture maker chap]
I have rescued - A Mahogany door for my workshop.
Completely refrofed said workshop any my mates with polycarbonate sheeting from a demolished conservatory.
A useful CD rack,
Oddments of timber
A Pine Coffee table - remodeled with a discarded kitchen unit into a desk for my den
I always ask of course.
I have seen a chest of hand tools thrown into the metal pit at the amenity site and in the timber pit perfectly good it seemed bunk beds- people are too idle it seems to ask worthwhile organizations collect this stuff.
In a month or so we anticipate new sitting room furniture to replace our 50 year old cottage suite.
Its in good nick and we have several contact awaiting the word to come and get,
A PC I reconstructed last year is awaiting for my collect- as the lady I built for has passed away and her family has asked that I might be able to find a new home for it -which I certainly shall.
Very little is thrown away in this household

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