Well said, Herr Beckenbauer!

  Jim Thing 19:33 15 Jun 2010

In an article in the South African Times newspaper Franz Beckenbauer, one of the most elegant and effective men ever to grace the beautiful game, took a serious swipe at the grave lack of quality in England's performance against the United States (click here for a BBC report). According to Beckenbauer, the way England play has little to do with football and is largely due to the lack of opportunities for promising home-grown players in the Premier League.

And what's the reason for this serious shortcoming? Why, the Premier League is stuffed with foreign mercenaries, each of whom denies an opportunity to a promising English player. And what's the reason for that? Look Skyward and there's your answer!

I must say it's encouraging to find one's opinions repeated virtually word for word by such a distinguished figure. Personally though, I'd go even further. I think that the obscene amount of TV money washing around in the Premier League is the principal reason why England is unlikely ever to win another World Cup.

Mind you, I'd love to be proved wrong...

  ukpostcode 19:41 15 Jun 2010

Is Herr Beckenbauer offering his services to the the english national team?

  dukeboxhero 20:00 15 Jun 2010

Jim Thing I think Beckenbauers comments could have been made to any of the top teams in the world cup so far,they all seem to lack flair,i still think England will come good, for one thing they have got is quality players.

  bremner 20:16 15 Jun 2010

Franz Beckenbauer has spoken the truth but he has not said anything original.

Off course our national team suffers because of the cosmopolitan nature of our Premier League. This is not unique to the English league. Inter Milan won their domestic double and Champions League without an Italian in their starting line up.

UEFA's new rules will eventually make some difference but in the mean time we need a strict limit of only 2 or 3 non EU players per team squad.

  john 52 20:22 15 Jun 2010

Do we want to play to entertain or win !! I know which one I would do .
In 10 years time the team that will be remembered is the team that wins the trophy !! not who entertains the footballing elite

Italy have won many world cups by getting a result no matter what it takes

  Jim Thing 20:22 15 Jun 2010

"Is Herr Beckenbauer offering his services to the the english national team?"

Ah,if only! He's won one world cup as captain and another as national manager. Not a bad CV...

  Jim Thing 20:30 15 Jun 2010

"Do we want to play to entertain or win !!"

I admit to being old-fashioned in this context, but 'win at all costs' is a bit too American for my taste and has little to do with sport.

</Grumpy Old Man mode>

  bremner 20:35 15 Jun 2010

I assume you are an Arsenal supported then ;o)

  Kevscar1 21:27 15 Jun 2010

England have no chance no matter who,s playing why because no team has ever won it with a foreign manager in charge.

  Jim Thing 21:28 15 Jun 2010

fourm member:
"When the Glazers bought Man U the fans were opposed on the basis that it would saddle the club with debt and prevent it from buying the best players. Support for the national team didn't come into it."

I think I could rest my case at this point...

"I assume you are an Arsenal supported then ;o)"
No. I'm not. And I won't tell you which team I support — you'd only laugh...

  QuizMan 21:49 15 Jun 2010

What is wrong with playing the long ball and using a pressing game? I am all for it. It is the English way of doing things and we are used to it. Let the others come up with a system to beat us.

For too long England managers have tried to change the way we play at international level and look where it has got us. Capello is merely trying to play to our strengths.

And this is from an Arsenal season tickey holder (not very English, I know!) who also enjoys the high quality passing game.

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