Well it is a drive through...

  Seth Haniel 14:54 14 Aug 2008
  version8 16:06 14 Aug 2008

"Police believe the 57-year-old driver may have had a fit before crashing into the fast food shop on Burn Road".

In a case like this our concern should be for the man injured in this accident & not to have a laugh about it!

  GRIDD 16:10 14 Aug 2008

Lucky no one else was hurt.

  Seth Haniel 08:25 15 Aug 2008

are you sugesting he goes to Kwik-Fit ;(

  wiz-king 18:48 15 Aug 2008
  dermot-titus 19:00 15 Aug 2008

Claire Richardson, who was working in the store .

"When we came outside the gentleman in the car was our only other concern."

Well done Claire.:-))

A fiend driving home from work awoke to find himself in hospital. It transpired that he had an epileptic fit, his first ever. He ended in a ditch with a broken leg. That was when he was 39. He is now 44 and has not had a fit since. Needless to say he does not drive now.

  Al94 19:36 15 Aug 2008

Not a subject worthy of light toungue in cheek comment - could have been very serious and maybe a potentially serious medical condition is the cause in this case.

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