Well Done DAVID!

  Uboat 19:07 21 May 2010

FINALLY we are starting to aim in the right direction!

click here

  zzzz999 19:20 21 May 2010

yeah, right on, yeha David, your the man.....aye right

  bremner 19:21 21 May 2010

For gods sake its

DAVE !!!!

  Forum Editor 19:23 21 May 2010

and I give it a cautious welcome. The thing is, it's all very well to say "I want Britain to be a positive player in Europe," lots of us have been saying that for years. It's what other European countries want for themselves, too, but it isn't going to happen unless there's a degree of commitment.

Actions speak louder than words, and we'll have to wait to see whether our new government's actions live up to the tide of stirring rhetoric that's washing around our ankles at the moment.

  spuds 20:06 21 May 2010

Whatever way 'our' politicians decide, they are still in for a very rocky ride.

I have a 'Euro 1998' colour caricature, with Mitterrand (France) Kohl (Germany) (have I pronounced them right!) and Blair (UK) playing football, with 'President' Tony Blair kicking the ball into an open goal while the other two stand watching,then only to be told by the two others "No Tony...That's our goal".

  morddwyd 20:13 21 May 2010

Having watched the actual news item on BBC I would say that Angela Merkel was not impressed and saw right through his spiel for home consumption.

She is a more practical politician and will wait and see.

I think I'll join her.

  ronalddonald 20:36 21 May 2010

Nice one Dave time to kick some butt

  folsom 20:58 21 May 2010

Is this the same guy that promised a referendum on the EU not long back, then changed his mind.

I won't hold my breath.

  Big L 266 21:06 21 May 2010


Its odd to me that when I voted for the Conservate Party I didn't get what I voted for.I voted for change according to their party manifesto and their many open public meetings many of which were on the TV.

I wanted to see our Conservatives wrestle more of our Sovereign powers from the E.U. and given to Westminster but thats not going to happen. I also wanted to see the criminals' friend "Human Rights Act" removed from the statute book but this won't happen either. I also wanted to see the end of the 2003 Act which allowed pubs and clubs 24 hour drinking if they wanted. (See any town centre on Friday and Saturday nights.)This also sadly won't happen.There are many others.

Instead of getting what I voted for,I got a weak-willed "marriage" of a Conservative & wishy-washy Lib-Dem alliance which I didn't vote for. I want to see another election right now in which I can get what I voted for,and not some cobbled-together hash of a marriage made in haste that now sits in the House of Commons.

Its like buying best quality ham at the butchers only to find that,having got it home,75% of it was spam. I voted for a 100% Conservative government,but now suddenly I've got 25% Lib-Dems and 75% Conservative mix.

What a way to run (or ruin) a country!

Big L 266

  bri-an 22:34 21 May 2010

None of us got what we voted for because there was no 'coalition' candidates!

But, look at it this way, many Labour voters 'defected' to the LibDems following Cleggs media performance, so it may just have been another Labour goverment back if they hadn't. Presumably you prefer what you've got than that?

  Al94 22:39 21 May 2010

from a plague of rats or worse click here

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