Well Did You All Get What You Wanted?

  Condom 22:42 28 Dec 2011

Now that the fated day has come and gone and we are all struggling to get into our clothes how did we do present wise. Any wonderful wished for ones or could have done without ones?

I finally got my hands on my lovely Logitech Edge keyboard which has lain wrapped for many weeks waiting for my grubby paws to open. It works fantistically and now that I have removed the very thin film of protection which I didn't see at first it looks stunning as well. Thanks FE as your recomendation was 100%.

Son arrived with an electric grooming set for me which makes me wonder if I am really looking scruffy as he brought the same present last year. Better learn to become ambidextrous.

Her indoors and I both bought each other the same present...a bluetooth keyboard and carrying case for the iPad. Different makes but as they say great minds etc.... Either one goes or another iPad is on the agenda. The second one might be a better idea as I can see I'm going to have problems getting my hands on ours which has suddenly become hers.

Anyway after the shops opened again I'm now able to wear my slippers as the original ones didn't fit and had to be changed.

Roll on next year.

  Forum Editor 22:50 28 Dec 2011

I'm glad you like the keyboard, although I always knew you would -it really is the king of keyboards.

I received exactly what I wanted - my children at home for at least some of the time, good food and some peace and quiet. There were presents too, mainly books, and some clothes. All in all a good Christmas,and over quickly - back to work with a vengeance this morning.

  Graham* 23:21 28 Dec 2011

One minor moan - no sixpence in my Christmas Pudding. Morrisons are missing a trick here.

  spuds 00:07 29 Dec 2011

Looking at our local newspaper reports, it would appear that quite a lot of people interviewed in our city centre have just started their Christmas shopping, via the cash or vouchers that they have been given.

  daz60 07:24 29 Dec 2011

More than expected.Thought i was due back from winter break on the 24th,found out on the 13th,lucky for me,that i was not due till the 28th.Six extra days for Xmas in France amongst the volcanoes and volcanic cries of the kids.

  morddwyd 08:47 29 Dec 2011

Not yet, still waiting for the price to drop just a little further, or an unwanted one to appear on ebay!

  Quickbeam 08:53 29 Dec 2011

NO! There was no curly wurly in my selection box.

  Graham* 15:36 29 Dec 2011


Do you still cut a cross in the sprout stalks?

  OTT_B 17:26 29 Dec 2011

Rather like morddwyd, our main family present will be bought when the sales are coming to an end, and the quite specific item we want will be 30% of the price it was being sold for on December 23rd.

Still, the kids had a great day, and once again we didn't need to break the bank to have a good time. Total budget, including tree, decorations, presents for everyone (except family present), fuel for driving to see relatives and all other costs: £222. Bang on budget.

  canarieslover 11:34 30 Dec 2011

Being of an age where there is nothing that I really want that I haven't already bought myself I have become rather difficult to buy for. I enjoy reading but I really did not want a Kindle, but Christmas Day I opened the box and there it was. My sons had already opened it before wrapping and I found that it contained quite a few books from my favourite authors. I'll put that away until I'm on my own I thought. Boxing Day I had nothing much to do so out it came. A few hours later I was still engrossed in a book and impressed with the clarity for reading and the ease of use. I didn't even have to search for a bookmark when I put it down for a while. It has gone from being a 'bit of a disappointment' on Christmas Day, to a 'can't put it down' on Boxing Day. Delayed pleasure but now really pleased.

  Flak999 14:15 30 Dec 2011


Same thing happened to me! I have not previously bought a Kindle because I thought I preferred the feel and the heft of a "real book".

However, Christmas morning arrived and I received a Kindle as a surprise present from my son. I too have not put it down since. I am a convert!

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