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Welcome back Spitting Image soon

  john bunyan 09:03 30 Sep 2019

One of my favourites is returning to TV. Very appropriate timing - Trump, Rees Mogg, Boris, Corbyn there are so many to lampoon, and we need a bit of laughter.

spitting image

  Quickbeam 10:36 30 Sep 2019

I think it'll be succesfull, the original was a hit because we were very aware of the political players. Brexit has reawakened that awareness.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:11 30 Sep 2019

They are in discussion with US networks, so it is likely to be US, rather than UK-centric, which I think is a bit sad.

  john bunyan 11:23 30 Sep 2019

Trump’s puppet could use his real Twitter feed - more bizarre than a fictional one.

  Dunk 11:32 30 Sep 2019

Surely the UK's travails at present would be gold dust for the production, so they might do a mini-series about our lot!

  Menzie 13:05 30 Sep 2019

It's not the 80s/90s any more; most of the classic shows when they bring them back are missing something.

It's a different world now, and if it offends today's viewers they will know within seconds of airing.

I do hope it's successful, I did enjoy the old ones.

  amonra 07:33 01 Oct 2019

With the US attitude of sueing anything or anybody for the slightest deviation from the norm, I can't see it being like the old version (which was fantastic), and poked fun at all the pompous idiots to expose their grandstanding for what it was worth. Anyway, PC correctness and its supporters will raise hell no matter what.

  Forum Editor 08:16 01 Oct 2019

I'm in favour of letting sleeping memories lie. Milking old TV ideas seldom works well in my experience.

  Govan1x 09:15 01 Oct 2019

Have to agree with the Forum Editor.

Very few comeback programs last long as they are not as good or old news whichever way you look at it.

Now the latest one. Supermarket Sweep is unbelievably poor. The original one was not much better. So much crap getting on tv just now probably because they are cheap to make and poor to watch. But it fills half an hours space up for the TV organisers.

I think I am getting more like Victor every day.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:53 01 Oct 2019

Now the latest one. Supermarket Sweep is unbelievably poor.

At least Dale Winton had a personality. Based on the trailers I've had the misfortune to see, the new presenter is just an animated cardboard cutout.

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