Welcome back, to the land of the living

  wee eddie 12:32 01 Nov 2015

Say no more. Site down for almost all of the last 24 hours/yesterday.

I suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms!

  bumpkin 12:37 01 Nov 2015

Don't despair, the Ads were working OK.

  Brumas 12:42 01 Nov 2015

I must admit I tried every couple of hours or so and became increasingly miffed when I couldn't get on - absence makes the heart grow stronger and I did miss the 'old girl' ;o}}

  mole1944 13:04 01 Nov 2015

From what i gather it wasn't broke so they fixed it.lol

  roy170 13:42 01 Nov 2015

Was it?

I had no problems reading posts and accessing pages, although I wasn't logged in.

  spuds 13:48 01 Nov 2015

"I suffered from severe withdrawal symptoms!"

I didn't. I went back bed with some strong pain relief.

With the newist neighbour's next door having a young member of the family birthday party, bouncy castle and all. I decided it was the best option. It also stopped the Halloween door trick and treater's calling. Turned out a good day ;o))

  john bunyan 14:51 01 Nov 2015

I just thought the site was "frozen" - maybe bewitched for Halloween or using Talk Talk (hijacked by a 15 year old).

We obviously appreciate the free site and would be interested to know what happened. The team must have been busy to put it right.

  Forum Editor 16:44 01 Nov 2015

Our apologies to all.

Because this happened over the weekend, I have no idea what the cause was. It seemed to be localised on the way the forum pages are served, because I was able to navigate the rest of the site without any problems. I could also access the forum pages via a complex route, but I wasn't able to post.

All seems well now, and as soon as we can discover the cause of the problem we'll update you.

  simonjary 07:48 02 Nov 2015

We are investigating. It might be linked to us having to change our login process, as we are moving to a new commenting service.

  morddwyd 11:18 02 Nov 2015

Oh, No!

  oresome 12:41 02 Nov 2015

I was busy elsewhere. Didn't know there had been a problem.

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