This is weird.... pregnant man?

  lisa02 17:16 27 Mar 2008
  kingisangus 17:29 27 Mar 2008

The clue would be in the line about him being born a WOMAN! This is a nothing story, woman has partial sex change to remove breats and then gets pregnant via sexual intercourse, shock horror.

Could people please post a warning star for all stories taken from the Daily Mail please to save everyones time?


  mrwoowoo 18:42 27 Mar 2008

Here we go again,newspaper snobery alert.
So every article in the Daily mail is either nonsensical or fiction then is it?
Lets have an asterix for the people,a hash for the observer and a question mark for the sun.
And capital NSA'S for newspaper snobs..

  mrwoowoo 18:44 27 Mar 2008

Oh look,it's in The Times as well.
click here
No newspapers left for you to read then.

  Woolwell 18:46 27 Mar 2008

It's also in the Times, Telegraph and Guardian.

  Bingalau 18:55 27 Mar 2008

I've always quite liked the Daily Mail myself, But it sure takes a beating from some of the members on here.

  rdave13 19:32 27 Mar 2008

Just goes to show you can't fool nature..

  peg 19:34 27 Mar 2008

I bet its in the daily sport.

  kingisangus 19:51 27 Mar 2008

Snobbery alert? If you wish to call that racist, homophobic piece of anti immigration trash a newspaper, fine.

Don't try and take the moral highground over the Daily Mail, its a joke paper for OAP's and people who sit round muttering about immigrants and how their taxes are wasted on 'scum'.

I have no problems with red tops, i have a problem with trash dressed up in the clothes of The Telegraph but spouting bile on how immigrants are ruining this country.

Here is a little game you can play when you buy your next copy of the DM, i call it asylum bingo, without looking pick a page number and see whether a story about asylum seekers breaking the law appears before that page number, quick hint, never guess higher than 6.

  mrwoowoo 22:51 27 Mar 2008

Not taking the moral highground over the daily mail at all.
I just think that general comments such as yours which imply a certain paper prints nothing but lies is totally ridiculous.
All papers are bias .Be it to the left,right,anti this, anti that.I actually don't read the mail,but obviously your paper is the only one that tells the truth and is your gospel.
I'm glad i'm nowhere near pension age,otherwise i might be quite offended.
Perhaps i should read the Mail,since i see plenty of drug addicts and dealers around my way that live of benefits,whilst having a better car and the same house as me,whilst i help pay for it.
Also have to pay my mortgage at the same time.
Oh,hark at me.I'm off to buy the Daily Mail to see what iv'e been missing.

  Snec 00:35 28 Mar 2008

Which paper should we be reading?

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