And this week's food scare is...

  Quickbeam 07:07 23 Jan 2017


I've had well browned toast for breakfast and as a quick hungry snack ever since I can remember. What with that and only using butter, I suppose that I should get my affairs in order...

  Forum Editor 08:37 23 Jan 2017

This advice has been around for many years, and I'm surprised that it has become news yet again.

Cancer Research UK said the link (between acrylamide and cancer) was not proven in humans.

  canarieslover 08:44 23 Jan 2017

I'm really in trouble as I like my toast to bear a close resemblance to charcoal. With a good coating of Marmite it makes for an excellent start to the day.

  Forum Editor 09:30 23 Jan 2017


I'm with you on the Marmite, but not on the charcoal. When I was very young my father told me it was harmful to eat burnt toast - I have no idea where he got that from - and ever since I have avoided the carbonised look. Apart from anything else, burnt toast tastes foul.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:03 23 Jan 2017

I don't smoke, I'm not far off being teetotal and eat a reasonably healthy diet that includes well browned toast and will continue to do so.

Spending the rest of my days indoors, with a filtered air supply, drinking distilled water and eating boiled potatoes, unless they too are dangerous now, doesn't appeal to me.

  Aitchbee 10:04 23 Jan 2017

I noticed that coffee was on the acrylamide list. I suppose that's another reason why it's best to use hot rather than boiling water to make a cup of instant coffee. Tastes much better too.

  canarieslover 10:36 23 Jan 2017

Forum Editort My charcoal is fairly healthy as I only eat granary bread. At 74 years old I'm not likely to change my habits now anyway.

  john bunyan 11:51 23 Jan 2017

Another thing to avoid excess of is barbecued and smoked foods . PCB's (Polycyclic Biphenyls) are found in them and, in excess, can be carcinogenic.

  Cymro. 11:56 23 Jan 2017

It's impossible to keep up with all this stuff so this is another Thread I will not be bothering with again.

  lotvic 14:16 23 Jan 2017

Shall I starve, eat or worry myself into my grave? - oh wait, I wanted to be cremated but apparently that will be bad for my health.

  rickf 17:06 23 Jan 2017

When it's time you've got to go. Simple.

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