This week, tea is....

  babybell 09:38 18 Jun 2010

bad for you!

I stopped doing these as someone didn't realise that what I was doing was very much tongue in cheek, taking a satirical swipe at the men in white coats, but I've had to bring it back this one.

Tea, which for years and years has always been good for us, might not be too great after all...

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  canarieslover 09:53 18 Jun 2010

The only way to get money to back your research, and give you a reasonable income, is to come up with some findings that get publicity. As a nation of tea drinkers will we now switch to coffee? Did coffee producers provide the backing for the research? Will the researchers that are being supported by the tea producers come up with a scare relating to coffee? Who really cares?

  morddwyd 10:40 18 Jun 2010

Yeah, well it's America.

They've never showed much liking for tea, as they showed at Boston.

  johndrew 10:48 18 Jun 2010

Headline: Living will lead to death!!

There appear to be a far greater number of "experts" disagreeing on what we should eat, drink, do or their opposites than ever before.

As a good friend of mine once said, "If you worry you die; if you don`t worry you still die - so why worry.".

My attitude is to enjoy my life as far as possible and do what I want - within reason. I shall only live once and it is pointless being controlled by those who always believe they know better what I want.

  lotvic 11:16 18 Jun 2010

My mum has outlived 3 of her GP's

I think it was the stress as she wouldn't do and eat as they advised.

  sunnystaines 11:26 18 Jun 2010

is this why so many old biddes have R.A. but coffee drinking mailand europe has very few cases of R.H.[ I thought it was down to overall better diet]

reports do not say what in tea causes this is it tanin or aluminium or a just load of tosh.

  Snec 11:31 18 Jun 2010

How anyone can drink the stuff I just don't know, the smell alone turns me over. When I make it for the wife I have to do it at arms length. It can't be good for anybody.

Anyway, babybell, keep these 'this week' thingys going, I enjoy them. I remember the thread you're talking about. You'll always get people who miss the point about anything. Many posts on here demonstrate that the poster has not fully read or understood..... just best to ignore them.

  wee eddie 13:43 18 Jun 2010

It does say that more Tea drinkers get RA than Coffee drinkers.

However it is very much of the quality of "All those that breath die". It did not appear to co-relate other possible 'lifestyle' factors that might be involved.

For example, most Tea drinkers use cold milk, whereas many Coffee drinkers use steamed milk. The Researchers need to correlate their figures with a similar number of those that drink a glass of cold milk with their meal or snack.

I could go on.

Personally I can see nothing to recommend the Teas that most people slurp, but that's their choice. I drink whole leaf tea, without milk, lemon or any other additive.

  wee eddie 13:45 18 Jun 2010

It could be caused by the bleach used in Tea Bags

  ella33 14:57 18 Jun 2010

There are so many different types of tea from various different countries. From what I read just now the common factor may be tannin but my guess is that the amount of tea some of the people in the survey were drinking would not be good for anyone at any age. In fact an excess of anything is likely to cause health problems, so I would say that the answer is to live a full life with a couple of cuppas, or whatever you like a day. As Wee Eddie said, we will all develop illnesses at some time. While research like this can be interesting, it is expensive and misses the point, I fear.

  jack 16:57 18 Jun 2010

of foodstuff is quite astounding - they are all in the main marketing based- to prove a point against one type to prove the benefit of another

The best advice of all is 'If you like it go enjoy it' and ignore the 'pundits- what do they know?
Not much it seems.

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