This week Sausages are...

  babybell 09:34 18 May 2010

...bad for you!

Please add to the list with Chocolate click here and Cheese Sanwiches click here

I'm struggling to keep up, I think I'll just eat celery from now on.

  babybell 09:35 18 May 2010
  donki 10:00 18 May 2010

I heard this on the radio this morning, its nothing that people didn't really know. Excessive amouts of salt are bad for you, processed meats contain a lot more salt than straight off the bone meat.

What annoys me is that is you buy a decent sausage or burger that hasn't been processed to death your fine, its the prepacked garbage that is bad for you.

  dagbladet 11:55 18 May 2010

"its the prepacked garbage that is bad for you"

No it's not. It's overindulgence in anything that is bad for you. I suspect we are once again about to recieve the sausage gospel according to the 'friendly village butcher'. If so I will be forced to counter (once again) with the sausage conversation between two 'friendly village butchers' in my local pub.

  donki 12:15 18 May 2010

I am sorry I am missing your point, are you saying that a processed sausage or buger is of the same quality of unprocessed meat? I used to work in a village butcher so had many conversations.

You say over overindulgence in anything is bad for you, I agree, but I dont think meat is bad for me. I know some people are of a different opinion.

  michaelw 12:18 18 May 2010

...I'm struggling to keep up, I think I'll just eat celery from now on...

It's a known fact celery can cause excessive wind and make your teeth drop out.

  donki 12:24 18 May 2010

And if there was any confusion I meant repacked processed garbage :).

  Þ² 12:48 18 May 2010

I'll eat what I want, I'm overweight but active and generally happily and feel healthy.

I enjoy food and I'll keep enjoying it.

Nothing like a sausage'n'bacon butty dripping in brown sauce!

  Picklefactory 12:56 18 May 2010

"...I'm struggling to keep up, I think I'll just eat celery from now on..."

Also high in sodium and sugars, I think if you Google, you'll find that everything is bad for us, apparently......... we're doomed.

  Chegs ®™ 14:27 18 May 2010

Russell Howards show featured a song about the Daily Mail articles on foodstuff causing cancer.The list was huge :)

  spuds 18:46 18 May 2010

the chewing variety, so as to get rid of the taste of the bread and pork dripping that I frequently consume.

With regards to the title 'Sausages', the only thing that concerns our family is whether the pork or beef content is 10% or 60%.

I often how people survived before we had all these experts, telling us what is good one day, is then bad for us another.

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