This week, drinking lager is.....

  babybell 08:52 20 May 2010

.....I can feel the excitement....

....Good for you!

click here

At last. We might not be able to have sausages, cheese sandwiches or chocolate, but we can have 2 pints of lager a day!

  martjc 09:13 20 May 2010 drink I'll never get into. Smells like urine at worst and tastes like onion water at best. If that's good for me, I'll pass.

  Big L 266 09:54 20 May 2010


This week,I fancy a cherry beer from a pub (no medications for me then) in Peterborough after cod and chips lashed with onion vinegar and salt.

I realise it'll do me no good,but then eating and drinking virtually everything according to 'experts' (save me from another 'expert') isn't good for us anyway!

Pass me another E.U. food directive to eat!

Big L 266

  Woolwell 10:28 20 May 2010

Have a few glasses of wine too click here

  Woolwell 10:31 20 May 2010

Posted before I added that it states the same as fourm member's second para about the people who are moderate drinkers.

  ronalddonald 19:49 20 May 2010

ok babybell why dont you choose what is healthy and god to eat and write a subject about it in speakers corner, do you really believe every said and written about food and drink next will be water from every source is bad for you or catching a bus means your killing walking.

Come on now the EU is talking garbage as they are full of garbage, they think garbage they eat garbage and produce garbage.

  babybell 20:30 20 May 2010

You appear to be the only one that has failed to realise that my recent posts have been very much 'tongue in cheek'.

They are in fact a satirical swipe at our modern day press and 'health gurus' who are constantly changing their minds on what is safe and unsafe for us to eat.

  jenifer02 11:17 15 Oct 2010

It is good for drink.I have really excite for it.

  gardener 11:22 15 Oct 2010


Sounds like you've had one too many already.

  gardener 11:27 15 Oct 2010

A salutory video concerning the dangers of alcohol:

click here

  QuizMan 12:06 15 Oct 2010

But have you noticed that the original newspaper article dates back to May this year? What are the chances that another research since then contradicts their findings?

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