This week, Chocolate is....

  babybell 09:00 27 Apr 2010

.....bad for you.

Its used to be bad for you as its full of sugar and fattening and makes you teeth fall out.

Then it was good for you as, in moderation, it has the power to lift your mood

This week, its bad for you again...

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  wee eddie 09:35 27 Apr 2010

an inability to afford decent Chocolate, on a regular basis, causes Depression.

Also, being forced to substitute proper Chocolate with the Mass Market alternatives causes Depression. Why do they all taste like 'flavoured' sweet white sauce?

  Quickbeam 09:49 27 Apr 2010

I only pay attention on the weeks that it's good for you...

Incidentally, Co-op fairtrade dark chocolate is one of the best flavoured ones available.

  jack 12:50 27 Apr 2010

alters the mood.
The more theobromine the greater the effect.
I allow my self one 100Gm bar a week spread over the 7days.

PS theobromine kills dogs - though they love chocolate so do not share your passion with Rover.

look here for starters
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  Chegs ®™ 14:31 27 Apr 2010

I had abstained from chocolate for years before accepting a bar from my GF,who then decided to buy me bars of chocolate regularly "as a treat"The bar after many years was very nice,but the next few bars were sickly.When I found out that Orange Aero's are difficult to obtain,I asked the GF to buy me some(as she didn't seem to understand my declining any chocolate offered and we were building up a stash)I thought I'd "won" until I asked her to fetch in a savoury treat instead of chocolate and all she ever brings in are chocolate cakes. :)

  Woolwell 17:24 27 Apr 2010

The link states "more research is needed to determine exactly what the relationship between chocolate and our mood is" - can I volunteer to participate in the research?

One very good quality chocolate per day instead of a pudding is what we try to do.

This week chocolate, next week red wine, the following week white wine, then coffee, then tea, then aspirin and so on. We seem to have any number of this type of stories.

I have been waiting for years for experts/scientists to tell me that they have been wrong and that all cholesterol is good for you and that you should eat plenty of clotted cream, jam and scones and never mind the waist line.

  Bingalau 17:29 27 Apr 2010

Woolwell. I've been doing that for years now, I see no point in missing out on the luxuries of life at my age.. So I indulge in whatever I like and blow the scare mongerers...

  wellshgit 19:37 27 Apr 2010

Ditto to that. I eat what I like when I like, and love chocolate. I am 69 yrs young and fit and healthy. No doubt walking the dog miles everyday, and doing the jobs Mrs Wellshgit finds for me helps.

  peter99co 20:36 27 Apr 2010

A little of what you fancy does you good is my motto

  Quickbeam 00:30 28 Apr 2010

Has Mrs Wellshgit ever expressed a desire to change her name by deed poll...;)

  wellshgit 19:36 28 Apr 2010

She changed it from Alice Wellshgit to June ;.)

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