Weeds in long borders. Best line of attack?

  Aitchbee 22:57 15 May 2017

Do I pull them up by hand [using an appropriate tool] or use a strong weed control solution applied locally? My back and knees are telling me to use a weedkiller. it's a 20m X 1m area which has weed contol fabric already installed but now coming to the end of its effective use.

  john bunyan 07:52 16 May 2017

I use a hoe and a trowel mounted on a broom handle for a similar plot.

  Forum Editor 08:20 16 May 2017

There's no shortcut - get them out by the roots, and do it before they set seed, otherwise you'll be back where you started in no time.

You'll be back there anyway, eventually, but you can postpone the evil day with good management.

  morddwyd 08:53 16 May 2017

Resolva. Kills to the roots and is non persistent.

  bumpkin 12:49 16 May 2017

I use a spray with a long stem and root killing weed treatment. If you keep it low pressure and adjust it to a squirt rather that large spray area you can be selective with its application.

  Aitchbee 23:01 17 May 2017

bumpkin, I followed your advice [very carefully] this afternoon using a systemic concentrated weed killer which has 90g/l glyphosphate in a soluble concentrate. I've noticed that council garden maintenence chaps use this method as they nonchalantly deliver an invisible stream while they walk along the pavements and grass verges of my neighbourhood. I hope it works as I want to impress one of my neighbours who is not a plant lover. ;o]

  bumpkin 18:43 18 May 2017

Aitchbee, I use glyphosate and it works for me so I hope it does for you. As FE pointed out they will come back but certainly much easier than digging up, just be careful with the spraying or you will end up with large bald patches as I found out on my original attempt.

  Aitchbee 22:52 18 May 2017

bumpkin, I spent a week moving some big pots [with the help of a wee trolley] and used thick robust plastic to protect the lawn from any overspill. I'm just waiting for the big jaggy nettles and other less invasive weeds to react to the weedkiller. I'll give it 2 weeks and then repeat the dose at a higher strength if neccessary.

  bumpkin 00:07 19 May 2017

90g/l glyphosphate in a soluble concentrate.

I am not sure what that equates to in volume of the final preparation but I use something about 2% of glyphosate to water.

  Aitchbee 00:37 19 May 2017

bumpkin, final preparation I used was ~ 120ml of concentrate, diluted with 850ml fresh water in my sprayer.This is reported to treat a weedy area of about 40 sq.metres, according to blurb on container. So roughly 3%. The bottle was bought at a reduced price last summer so I'm not sure if it's potency is up to scratch. Time will tell.

  wee eddie 00:41 19 May 2017

I have a 1 litre Cola bottle that I have cut the bottom off. I place this over the weed. Stick the Spray Nozzle through the top and give it a squirt. Then move on to the next one.

It reduces the number of flowers killed by the spray drifting

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